Jennifer Hudson Sets Wedding Date

jennifer-hudson-david-otungaJennifer Hudson from American Idol and star of Dreamgirls and her fiance David Otunga from I Love New York 2 have finally set a date to hitch the wagon, but they refuse to give away the date.  “’s a secret. I can’t tell anybody”, Jennifer told Ryan Seacrest. Dang.  Park the helicopters, I guess.

The couple has been engaged since September when the singer turned 27 on her birthday and she began donning a huge rock.  The couple had plans to marry last year when tragedy struck as her mother, brother and nephew were tragically murdered.   As if anyone can recover from such a horrible event, she made an appearance singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl in rare form (and supposedly lip-synching).  But she seemed strong and now months later, about to be officially married.

So, wedding planning is obviously on Jen’s “Things To Do” list now as she now must start the search for wedding invitations, wedding favors, honeymoon vacations and the other details.  I’m sure she’ll use the free wedding planning tools at Get Married.  I mean, apparently there’s a lot of money in reality television, but everyone’s got to cut corners.


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