Calling All Wedding Fairies!

Jo Gartin, the Los Angeles-based celebrity wedding designer who’s known for her anything-but-over-the-top, simply charming weddings, has this advice for brides coping with not-so-cooperative flower girls–“fairy dust”. Actually a small bottle of glitter, Jo’s found that the power of suggestion, and a liberal dusting of the sparkly stuff, is all it takes to turn cranky little girls into small angels.

“The fairy dust is a crowd pleaser and, if you sprinkle a little bit of ‘dust’ on them, they tend to be a little bit more compliant so I always carry that in my bride emergency kit.” It’s those small but fabulous touches that have made Jo a much sought after wedding designer in a city known more for weddings with big budgets rather than beautiful moments. So what’s her favorite way to make a little flower girl look her best as well as behave her best? “I love butterflies. Things like that make me smile. I’ve put them in flower girls’ hair and glued them to their ballet slippers.” We think that’s an idea that would bring smiles to everyone.

For more of Jo’s great wedding tips and inspirations, check out her book Jo Gartins’ Weddings, published by Rodale Inc., available at


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