Zac Efron Getting Married

zac-efron-gqWell, apparently there is no wedding planning in the works for 21 year old Zac Efron who revealed to the April issue of GQ (on sale April 21) “I’m definitely not getting married.”  This may be a shock to girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens when he expanded on the comment by saying, “”I’m not getting married until I’m 40.  If ever.” On Disney Channel this past week, a write-in fan asked if it was love at first sight with Vanessa when they started working together on High School Musical and he confirmed that indeed it was.

This statement was spawned to quell people that caught National Enquirer releasing a rumor that Zac proposed to Vanessa while the two were in Japan.  The magazine was quoted as saying, “Zac… proposed to Vanessa during a joint trip to Japan in late January, say sources. The two are planning a long engagement and will tie the knot in 2010.
Zac hasn’t given Vanessa a ring yet, say sources – but he’s hoping the proposal will buy him some time with Vanessa’s super-strict mom, Gina, who didn’t approve of the sweethearts living together before they were married.”

There are even online rumors that the date is already scheduled for September in Hawaii for a beach wedding.

Zac and Vanessa have been seen off and on together, but if their relationship is still on, they’re doing a great job keeping it under wraps to quell these rumors.  Especially following a racy photo shoot of Zac Efron and a naked female model for the April issue of Interview magazine leaving very little to the imagination.


As for the getting married comment, Zac says, “In this business, you’re either getting married or they want you to be pregnant” and he’s primarily steering clear of anything that could derail his career.  After a very successful interview on David Letterman on April 13, people have begun to realize that Zac is the real deal.  And apparently he has his head screwed on right in the drug column also taking the advice of fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio who told Zac, “There’s one way that you can really f**k this all up. Just do heroin. If you steer clear of that—the other obstacles you’ll be able to navigate.”  Zac took that advice to heart and so for now, the biggest Hollywood drugs (heroin and marriage) are definitely out.  Supposedly.


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  1. hsdgufyhqfduyhq
    Apr 17, 2010 @ 22:09:12

    Zac is very SEXY and HOT .I would like to see him get married.


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