6 Tips To Stretch Your Wedding Budget

wedding-budgetPlanning a wedding is extremely stressful, but add monetary constraints caused by economic woes can make it even more stressful.  Try these 6 budget tips to cut some corners.

Select a special and cost-saving locale
Most churches and chapels decorate for the holidays, spring and winter especially. Take advantage of these beautiful decorations in a house of worship (that’s appropriate for you of course), and schedule your wedding close to a religious holiday and omit floral costs for the ceremony space.

Set the date in the off season
Consider tying the knot when your friends won’t be bored by yet another wedding.  The smaller demand for events in late fall and winter allow for more options, availability, and often better venue and vendor pricing.  Still want a summer wedding?  Then consider a Friday or Sunday instead.

Narrow down your guest list

With each additional guest you invite, the total cost of your wedding increases. Not just because of the additional food costs, but adding guests means more centerpieces, invitations themselves, rentals, cake, and all the other trimmings.  So while you may think that the guest list should include everyone and at work and so on, consider scaling down and hosting a more intimate affair. Try to keep it to those who are closest to you and your fiance only. If the parents are paying and have other ideas, then perhaps say no to children.  You won’t have to plan for a special table, offer them party favors or include kid-friendly food.  Try Get Married’s Guest List Manager also to help with this task.

Cut invitation corners
Today many couples are reaping the benefits of wedding websites (and doing the environment a favor too). While sending out an email invitation isn’t exactly appropriate, including additional information via the web can cut down the cost of your paper invitations.  When it comes to printing your invitations, the most expensive printing is letterpress or engraving, so if you can live without, consider the more affordable options of offset printing or thermography.

Selecting your gown
In this department a little extra effort can go a long way. Take the time to shop sample sales and shop around. Remember dresses can be altered to fit (but keep in mind the alteration costs). And if nearly new is okay by you, consider shops and websites that offer new and/or nearly new couture at a fraction of the price.
Note: When shopping for fashion online, be careful to read the fine print and find shops like Encore Bridal that allow for returns and guarantee the gowns you get.

Select your menu wisely
Don’t spring for the lobster and don’t overdo it on the hors d’oeuvres.  Cutting just one or two items from the cocktail hour can save you cash and your guests will never notice anything missing.  Work with your caterer and allow them to guide you to dishes that are seasonal and often less expensive but still flavorful. And beware of buffets; they tend to be more expensive than a seated meal because the caterer has to prepare enough food for each guest to try everything in abundance.

For more tips to keeping your costs down and your dollar on budget, check out the Budget Manager Tool on GetMarried.com.


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