One Day, 25,000 Weddings

mass-weddingIf you thought planning a wedding is tough, could you imagine 25,000 weddings happening in one city on the same day?  Well according to Express India, that’s exactly what’s happening in the small city of Chhatarpur near Delhi on Thursday May 7th, 2009.

The largest amount of weddings held in a day was set by China on 08/08/08 where 314,224 couples got hitched on the opening day of the Olympics.  Beijing reported 15,000 of those weddings which is 23 times the average which should help to put the 25,000 in perspective.  But why May 7th?

According to the Hindu calender, May 7th (and also may 8th) are traditionally the best days to marry because they are believed to have a better chance of succeeding if they occur on these days.  But boy do they pick their days!  May 7th is also the big voting day in Delhi and it’s feared that people will be doing their wedding planning during the day instead of heading to the voting booths.  Politicians fear that over 250,000 people will shirk their voting duties in order to attend weddings instead and that has caused quite a stir.   To make matters worse, temperatures are expected to hit over 100 degrees making everyone hot and bothered.  Sorry, had to say it.

Politicians are begging voters to go to the polls in the morning since most weddings will be in the evening hours.  And while some wedding attendees may do just that, others won’t. “I know it is my responsibility to vote but my sister’s wedding is a bigger occasion,” a Gurgaon resident said. “It will come only once in my lifetime so I have to make a choice.”

indian-djAs expected, the big wedding day has also caused venues and farmhouses to be packed to the rims with visitors, banquets, and receptions including 50 or so farmhouses in Gurgaon alone.  Is it a silly superstition?  Well, in a country like the U.S. where 50-60% of marriages end in divorce, we have no right to say.  But it’s a good day to be an Indian DJ.


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