Wedding Bouquet Toss Causes Plane Crash

wedding-flowersAh, the bridal bouquet toss.  A sweet gesture from a bride to her bridesmaids that sometimes turns out plain ugly.  We’ve all heard about people getting bloody noses, broken bones, getting knocked out, etc.  But now for the first time ever, a bride’s bouquet has caused a plane crash.  No, it wasn’t because it was tossed too high.  The exact opposite actually.  What started as a good idea discussed during the wedding planning actually became the idea that made it the wedding to remember.

An Italian couple had just gotten married and thought that it would be a neat idea to have a light plane fly overhead and drop the bouquet instead of the normal over the shoulder toss.  A 44 year old man named Isidoro Pensieri simply had to open the door and toss out the bouquet at the right time. Isidoro couldn’t handle that task and instead failed to throw it far enough away from the plane.  The result?  The bouquet was sucked into the plane’s engine causing the engine to catch fire and then explode.  The pilot Luciano Nannelli then  lost control of the plane as the plane went into a steep plummet to earth and then slammed into a busy hostel near Montioni Park.

The pilot and all 50 of the hostel residents got away unscathed, but Isidoro (the bouquet tosser) was hospitalized with a head injury and multiple fractures.  Talk about a wedding to talk about.


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