Shania Twain Gets Engaged?

shania-twain-engagement-ringOk, guys.  I know that it’s awful news to hear, but let’s get real.  It’s amazing that she’s been on the market for this long.

Shania Twain was recently captured wearing what appeared to be a wedding band at a bird show in Ontario and boyfriend Frederic Thiébaud was wearing a similar ring.  Both on the wedding finger and both the same design which looks suspiciously like wedding bands.   So will there be wedding bells? Shania Twain’s rep says that they are NOT married.  Capital NOT.  Of course, that’s not what was asked.  We asked if they were engaged, not married.  Red flag, red flag!

The relationship is already strange to begin with since Thiébaud is the ex-husband of Twain’s former best friend who reportedly broke up Twain’s marriage to Robert “Mutt” Lange.  You may have to say that slow to get it, but it wreaks of “oooo, you’re a bad girl.”  Let’s see if he makes an honest woman out of her.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sweet
    Sep 05, 2009 @ 03:12:26

    as long as your happy you go girl!!


  2. Lori
    Mar 22, 2010 @ 21:32:29

    OMG HE ( Shania’s new guy) IS WAY BETTER AND HOTTER THEN MUTT….WHO IS A MUTT FOR CHEATING! The other girl is a Dog compared to Shania! There are names for girls who cheat with a married man and wreck homes! Thank God there is a Judgement day! ZAP!!!!!!!!! Who’s sorry now???? Cheaters are always bad lots! Shania will have a better life without cheating Mutt!


  3. Dave Templeton
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 01:13:06

    OMG – he looks like my Portuguese Water hound only my dog is hotter and doesn’t bite his nails.


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