5 More Celebrity Rumors!

You guys are insatiable when it comes to celebrity rumors, so here you go!

Rumor 1
Shania Twain is Engaged

shania-twain-frederic-thiebaud-engagedShania Twain and boyfriend Fred Thiebaud were both seen wearing engagement rings in two separate locations.  This couple is already in a bizarre place as it is when Shania’s ex-husband Robert “Mutt” Lange was busted cheating on Shania with her assistant Marie-Anne Thiebaud.  The result of which ended in divorce for both Shania and Marie-Anne.  In a move stranger than fiction, Shania then began dating Marie-Anne’s husband.   Now even though the pair has been seen wearing what appear to be engagement rings, her rep was very quick to state that the two are “not married”.  We were quick to point out that we wanted to know if they were engaged, not married.  Then the rep re-issued a statement indicating that “they were not engaged or married”.

We believe this rumor is True. This sounds way too much like damage control to us.  But because of the nature of how the two met, this could be perceived as backstabbing by Shania, so I think she’s keeping it down low. There is no reason on earth to wear a ring on your wedding finger and is not just a fluke.  Yeah.  Damage control for sure. As for Fred, what an upgrade for him!

leonardo-dicaprio-so-so-closeRumor 2
Leonardo DiCaprio Has Lost His Mind About Not Winning an Oscar

Several reports online have indicated that Leo DiCaprio is beside himself that he has been nominated for 3 Oscars and has yet to walk away with one.  People close to the actor said that he has gone over the edge in trying to assure that he nails it next time around.  He supposedly went on a huge weight loss frenzy to sink himself into the role for his upcoming picture Inception, written by Dark Knight’s Christopher Nolan.

We believe this rumor is “kind of” True. Let’s face it.  The Oscars are one of the most prestigious awards an actor can walk away with and since Leo has yet to snag any decent accolades since Titanic, he’s in a downward spiral trying to prove to producers that he’s not just a one hit wonder. Although we know he’s not, he’s got to get out of his rut.  Even though it’s far from a rut and is only in his head. He should talk to Lohan and he’ll feel better about himself.

Rumor 3
jon-and-kateJon Gosselin Hit With Child Abandonment Charges

It’s reported, leaked, or however you want to put it, that Jon Gosselin called a babysitter to come and sit with his 8 kids while went out to go party with the boys.  It’s then reported that Kate went over to the house to get the kids, because she wasn’t about to leave the kids with some babysitter when they could be with their mother.  It’s also well known that the police were called to the home that same night and that Kate was trying to push some kind of child abandonment charge on John (times 8, of course).

We believe this rumor is false. Listen.  Divorce is just plain ugly and especially when there are kids involved and even more so when there are EIGHT kids involved.  The truth is that Jon called the cops on Kate when she was trying to get into the house to get the kids when it wasn’t her turn to have them.  But if you’re going out to party, what exactly is the problem?  Why in the world would you go out and party when it’s your visitation?  That’s just ignorance.

SPL120684_013Rumor 4
LeeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Are Really Seeing Each Other

Even after we covered the affair thing before in previous celebrity rumor posts, there was this nagging thing that said, “This is staged to promote that film that they did.”  But then LeeAnn got divorced, Eddie got divorced and now they’ve been spotted even playing golf together. So while this has been presented as a rumor.  It ain’t.  This is another one of those “feel bad for the kids” moments on Eddie’s side though.

This rumor is SO true. LeeAnn and Eddie were caught on tape making out in a restaurant.  They’re divorced from their spouses, they’re playing golf and hanging out regularly.  What’s left to prove?

Rumor 5
lindsay-lohan-bikiniLindsay Lohan Wants a Reality TV Show

This is beyond painful to think about, but apparently Lindsay Lohan wants to have her own weekly television show to talk about, oh who knows and in reality, who cares?  The supposed show would be about her trials and tribulations about getting back on her feet again and life as a single woman that doesn’t own a bra.  If this is true, you’d be crazy to believe that it has anything to do with anything else other than a cash infusion.

This rumor is true. With horrid appearances on TV and movies, she is trying to find anyone to take her seriously again and if she can get the cameras to follow her so that she can put on the biggest role of her life playing herself, she may be able to snag some sympathy votes.  Yeah, argh, this is most definitely true and unfortunately verified.

Well, that’s it for now.  Got more celebrity rumors, then please send them our way.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mollie
    Aug 27, 2009 @ 18:47:00

    The rumor on Leo is that, a Rumor. Leo stated recently that there is no weight loss required for INCEPTION is all BS. None of Leo close circles would ever say that he is dying for an Oscar, Leo goal is to make good films. You make him sound desperate which is untrue again, the media putting words in there.
    Going over the edge…lol! You guys are laughable! The things you come up with. Im not saying he wouldnt mind an Oscar like any other actor but thats not his goal.


    • weddingpros
      Aug 27, 2009 @ 18:52:35

      That’s why this post is called 5 More Celebrity rumors. This rumor actually came from Perez Hilton’s site which we all know is the lowest of low brow celebrity rags. But yes, we agree. They are rumors.


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