Kanye West Beat Down by Jay Leno

APTOPIX MTV Video Music Awards ShowBy now everyone has read about the Kanye West outburst at the VMA’s.  For those under a rock, Taylor Swift won the VMA for Best Female Video.  When Taylor went to accept her award, she began her speech and was interrupted as Kanye goes up on stage, takes the microphone from her and tells everyone that it’s Beyonce that has the best video.   Which was received with a lot of boos from the crowd as Taylor stood there in utter shock and disappointment. It was simply awful to watch.   To make it worse, Taylor’s acceptance speech gets cut off.  You can watch the fiasco here.

Taylor was actually crushed because she was excited about the award and even admitted that she was excited that Kanye West was coming up on stage.  Where she basically said, “Then he started talking and I wasn’t excited anymore.”  Backstage Kanye was also berated by Taylor’s mother who was obviously very upset as any parent would be.

kanye-west-jay-lenoFast forward to last night when the premiere of Jay Leno’s primetime talk show aired on NBC.  The show was to feature Jay Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West performing a trio on a song from Jay Z’s Blueprint album.  Kanye manned up and requested that he be allowed to speak with Leno before the group performed so that he could clear the air about the VMA’s.  Kanye apologized profusely indicating that it was very rude and that he wanted to make it up to Taylor somehow and also to apologize in person.

But the shocker came as Jay Leno asked Kanye what he thought his mother would have said about his actions.  The silence was deafening.  The passing of Kanye’s mother had a major impact on him and this was probably one of the most hard hitting questions that Jay could have asked.  Kanye was literally choking back tears and swallowing his emotions for what seemed like an eternity.  For those that feel as if Kanye is an ego-maniac with no soft spots, it was quickly disproved and here’s the video so you can watch it yourself here.

While many claim it as a really bad moment, one has got to realize that this is Kanye’s thing.  He loves to cause mayhem and interrupt people’s moments when he doesn’t agree.  He has raised a ruckus multiple times and is the epitome of sore losers.

There was this time.

Oh and this time.

And many others that you can find yourself.  I personally think that Kanye is one of the biggest ego-maniacs on the planet that needs to be set in his place.  He has little to no talent outside of being a rapper.  He can’t sing which is why he has to use auto-tune and even that technical marvel can’t save him.  He literally has to be one of the biggest egotistical people I have ever seen and it always makes it worse when there’s nothing really to back it up.  It’s an unrelenting confident swagger that is pretty disgusting to watch. Kanye is a prime example of marketing genius.

So hats off to Jay Leno for asking the right question to put things in perspective for him.  While it’s always tough to watch someone struggle when something unexpected happens, he finally got a taste of his own medicine.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bridal girl
    Sep 16, 2009 @ 18:06:36

    Kanye West really was in the wrong and no matter how hard he apologizes, it just won’t do good for now.


  2. katie
    Jan 25, 2010 @ 05:07:45

    god i love him, i think he acts like an ass because if people think he’s an egomaniac they wont think he’s a pussy for his lyrics, they are sooo personal and emotional, also, if he acts like a bitch more people know him and he sells more records.
    That said, he’s the most original and honest thing ive heard in the “mainstream” type of music, i love him.
    And Taylor Swift sucks, i’m mad at kanye for making her have even more attention, she should be censured for trying to sell religion by making idiotic little cliche songs.


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