True Blood Stars In No Rush For Marriage

anna-pacquin-stephen-moyer-engagedTrue Blood star, Anna Pacquin, 27, is engaged to her True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer, 39, but they are not in any rush whatsoever to hit the aisle.  Anna recently told press that, “We’re not planning the wedding yet. I’m not really that girl, we’re not really that couple. We’re happy and things are good and we’re not on any particular schedule and it’ll happen when we have time.”

Stephen apparently feels exactly the same as they enjoy their success and focusing on planning a wedding is just not on the radar right now.  Good thing because Anna is also terrified of thinking about being in a poofy wedding dress and just isn’t that type of girl.

“It feels organic. It’s more about being family than becoming Bridezilla overnight and wearing some big meringue wedding dress. That would scare the s**t out of me. I wasn’t the girl who spent hours dreaming of my wedding.”

So while they enjoy spending good quality time together as an engaged couple, True Blood fans will simply have to wait if they want to see the love bleed over into the real world.   No pun intended.


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