Black Friday Wedding at Best Buy

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When most people do their wedding planning, it normally doesn’t involve standing in line in the freezing cold at a retail store on Black Friday.  But for Michigan couple Edward Burbo and his bride to be Jennifer, that’s exactly how they planned it.

Edward and Jennifer met two years ago online in November of 2007 and 2 days later, they were shopping for good deals together.  The couple has a blended family of 4 children between the ages of 8 and 14 and Christmases have been tough at full price.  So they, like most Americans, hit the streets early in the morning to get the best deals on Black Friday and this year it was at Best Buy where they camped out for a whopping two entire days to be first in line!

Then the idea struck them two weeks before that big day that they would be married in line at Best Buy.  While they wanted to have a big wedding, they just couldn’t afford it.  “We are saving money standing in line for Black Friday, and we’re not really spending much on the wedding,” Jennifer said.  So she dressed in a winter white wedding dress and he in a tuxedo and the two exchanged vows on Black Friday 2009.

I’m envisioning the I Do’s followed by the trampling of innocent bystanders to get into the store, cursing, a few stiff elbows, and the crush of overcrowded mayhem.  Let’s just hope the honeymoon was taken elsewhere.

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