Tom Arnold Gets Married…Again

Tom Arnold Gets MarriedIt has been confirmed that this past Saturday 50 year old actor Tom Arnold finally got hitched to long time girlfriend Ashley Groussman on the quaint little island of Maui.  That’s Hawaii for the geographically challenged.

The ceremony was held in front of 75 close friends and family and Tom’s best man was actor Dax Shepard.   This is Tom’s 4th marriage and one of which was to that crazy Rosanne Barr who has since furrowed somewhere to all of our collective relief.  I mean really, thank God.  Ashley really can’t blame him for waiting for so long to recover from that.

The couple met through a mutual friend and then at Tom’s birthday party, he proposed to her with a wedding ring that was designed by her sister.  He said, “I knew that if I could get Ashley to fall in love with me, I’d never have to worry about anything else as long as I lived,” to which Ashley replied, “I’m the luckiest girl in the world.”

Besides the fact that Ashley Arnold has a much better ring to it.


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