Part 2! Top 20 Worst Wedding Photos

Due to the overwhelming popularity of my Top 20 worst wedding photos, people have been inundating me with requests to create another list. I mean, there certainly had to be more insane wedding photos out there, right?  Well, believe it or not, there actually was!  Enjoy!

The 20 Worser Wedding Photos

#20 – In a Ceremony Far Far Away
Star Wars weddings aren’t new, but I think the bride’s face says it all.  “I looked past the kids  and that our officiant is Princess Leia with an S&M leash.  This too shall pass.  In with the good air, out with the bad air. Breathe slow. Stay calm.”

#19 – Busted Again.
Ok. No idea what grandpa is doing in the bushes, but I’m sure it’s something creepy.  Great shot there Mr. Kodak.

#18 – Pillage in the Village
“We have a great deal on our Vietnamese burned out village package.  Screaming and wailing will cost extra though.”   I know, I know. That’s awful. But it’s why you love me.

#17 – Spiked Punch
No one found out the punch was spiked until it was way too late.

#16 – Collectively Ticked
This was not a wedding that came with the parents blessing.  “But I LOVE him Momma!”  followed by the thought, “Maybe Momma is right.” followed by her parents thinking, “She has to learn from her mistakes. Let her go, Mabel.”

#15 – Unhappy Parents 2
Speaking of unhappy parents. Here are the thoughts here:  Dad:  “I know he doesn’t think I’m paying for jack sh*#.”    Mom: “You think your father’s kidding. We’re not paying for jack.  You just wait.  I will kick your skull if you even ask me for a cupcake, you slack loser.”

14 – Yeah, yeah
The wedding was aw-yite. But the reception was the bizz-omb.  Don’t you let them tell you that your dress wasn’t the shiznat. You were sparkly and the tiara set it off honey.  And your hair is un-be-weave-able! The fourth time is the charm honey, his probation ends in January and he only has 4 kids.  You got yourself a real man this time.

and for those saying that this is not the bride, here’s a ceremony shot;

#13 – Cheeky

Not sure what to even say about this photo.  Does she not feel a draft? The guy to her right is whispering to his wife, “I promise I’m not looking, but you have to see this.”

#12 – John Deere-ly Beloved
A staged shot for sure, but for those wondering what Kathy Griffin’s wedding would look like, here’s a sampling.

#11 – Sew What?
Ok. There’s the groom with a mini-sewing machine and a UPS truck testing the weight capacity of the back door with people’s packages. So does there need to be a punchline?  I’ll leave it up to you.  The best one I get will be posted here with credit.

Yes folks, it’s the top 10. The worst of the worst. Proceed.

#10 – I Do, Now Run!

“Yeah, yeah, I do, now please run or death will do us part!”  or maybe it was, “You can’t make me stop marrying your daughter. Yeah? You and what army?”  I got a million of ’em for this staged shot.

# 9 – Long Train Running

She’s got that look that says “Oh no you didn’t!”.

#8 – I Do, Adidas
Let me just say that the fact that she is even walking down the aisle with him is proof enough that he should stay by her side until his dying day.  I can hear a million brides-to-be looking at this photo and saying in unison, “Oh Helllll no.”

#7 – Yeah, Not Funny
This guy is about to find out where “that line” is.  He’s all giggles now until this film got developed.

#6 – Awaiting Reaction
He had no idea that how he handled this situation in front of his new bride would be the first and biggest test he’s ever taken.  And as you can see, she’s thinking, “Is that your final answer?”

#5 – Sucker
It was at that moment that he realized that he was simply window dressing for one of her many “girls night out’s”.

#4 – I See Dead People
I’m going to assume that she’s happy that there are many witnesses at this point.

#3 – No Means No
“What did I tell you?! I said NO Chicken Dance and you did it anyway!”  Note the law enforcement in this photo.

#2 – Eat More Chicken
I’m not sure if it’s more disturbing that this is happening in the background or that the photographer made sure he set the framing to capture it.

And here we are folks!

The winner of the worst wedding photo award.

#1 – Southern Limo

They couldn’t afford a limo, but they still arrived in style.  The bride has got to be thrilled.

And there you have it. The 20 worst wedding photos I could find.  All photos were obtained from Google Images and a lot of digging.  Hopefully when you go to hire your wedding photographers or other wedding vendors, you’ll make sure that you do your homework. Do you have ones to share that I didn’t post here? Post them!


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