Wedding Guru David Tutera Sued for $200K

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David Tutera

Wedding planner David Tutera, current host of the TV show My Fair Wedding on WeTV, is apparently being sued for $200,000 by a very angry couple.  Couple Melissa Chin and Steve Choi got married in Singapore and agreed to pay David $200,000 to appear at their wedding and make their day at the super extravagant Shangri-La Hotel as memorable as possible.

The couple not only agreed to pay him $200K to appear,  but also gave David $100,000 as a deposit, four round trip tickets from New York to Paris, paid for 6 nights at the Shangri-La, and even pledged to commission an orchid in Singapore and name it after him.

Tutera is a party and wedding planner whose clients have included Jennifer Lopez, Elton John and many more.  Tutera tried to reach the bride regarding the final payment deadlines and wasn’t able to contact the bride and decided to contact the father of the bride.  He was then instructed by the father not to come.  Representatives say that the father scoffed at the skyrocketing price of the affair and told Tutera not to bother getting on the plane because there was no more money to pay for the wedding.  So Tutera did as he was instructed.

Things got even uglier when Tutera reportedly began “sabotaging” their wedding and not only failed to appear, but also instructed sub-contractors in Singapore not to show up either.   See, the way this works is that you pay Tutera and then Tutera pays the subcontractors.  But if you don’t pay Tutera, then he can’t pay the subcontractors and therefore it’s his obligation to contact the subcontractors and tell them not to come because he won’t be able to pay them.  Isn’t that funny how that works?

Any-who, before the fiasco, Tutera had told the couple “This is your wedding, not mine, and I promise to make it about you and Steve – that is very important to me.”  Tutera was to provide the bride’s bouquet, the dance floor, the decor of the floor, decorate the VIP table, provide linens, and a white roll out carpet for their arrival.  None of which happened.

Regardless, the suit was filed in Manhattan and is seeking damages for the couple’s “severe emotional distress,” because of his “blatant and malicious actions”. It also claims that they had to go through their wedding trying to figure out what to do about dance floors, bouquets, and make a host of last minute arrangements. Wedding photos show the couple with bouquet, dance floor and insanely huge, extravagant table centerpieces.

While I’m not clear as to what Tutera commands for an appearance, if you had an all expense paid trip for 6 days to Singapore and were paid $100,000, would you not go?  Even if it was $100K short of what was discussed? Trust me. This is at least $100K worth of bad press.

As for the couple, what exactly were you thinking? 90% of people have no idea who David Tutera even is and you were planning on paying him almost a quarter of a million dollars, paying expenses for his entire visit and commissioning to have an orhcid named after him?

Assuming that all of the details are accurate, whose side are you on?


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  2. Frances
    Jun 18, 2010 @ 15:58:06

    Hello, I am sick about this, here is a man that is always in tune with people and who is very wonderful at his job. I tell you people will do anything to cause problems. Why can’t people just be greatful for what is done for them instead of finding something to bitch about. I think he is a master at what he does. Ya’ll just leave him alone and let him keep doing his wonderful work. Love ya David. Be Blessed Does anybody out there know how I can e-mail him directly, due to my friend really needs help. Thank you so much. Frances


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