5 Funny Wedding Disasters – Volume 1

5 Funny Wedding Disasters – Volume 1

So I’ve been seeing a lot of sad stuff like the Tiger Woods debacle, scary stuff like Simon Cowell’s planned nuptials and just plain stupid things to numerous to remember or care about.  So I figured I would make a small collection of the funniest wedding disasters that have happened that I’ve read about where no one died.   And there will be more to follow…

Click on the photos on each one for the story or video.

1) Care For a Swim?
The Telegraph UK shared the story and some photos of a wedding party of about 80 taking an unexpected dip.  The photographer wanted to capture the group on film with scenic mountains in the background.  The group joked about the deck giving way as it creaked and little did they know they were actually foreseeing the future as all 80 of them including children and even the bride’s wheelchair bound mother splashed into the water.  Yeah, I know. Not funny, but once you know that everyone was okay, it becomes funny. So you now have permission to giggle.

Photo from Telegraph UK

2) Groomsman Passes Out
Better known as the thump heard round the world, this groomsman was supposedly okay, but just ouch. The service was a tad solemn and apparently the groomsman was very tired from the bachelor party and simply passed out.  Backwards.  Down a flight of steps.  You have to cringe when you realize that the thud you hear was his head on the ground that sounds like someone dropping a bowling ball.  What’s even more humorous is the pastor being more concerned about losing his place in the reading. Watch it once for the fall and another for the pastor.  Funny, but just, sensitive folks should keep the sound off.

Groomsman Passes Out

3) Keyboardist Eats It
German weddings are funny anyway, but this one has a hint of scary if just for a moment.  While it doesn’t show the end result of this occurrence, you see more than you probably want to anyway.  Essentially they have a Barry Manilow looking keyboardist that isn’t set up properly and has his mike stand pointing out into the crowd. Add in drunk German dancers and you get a wedding disaster!

4) Choppers
Then there’s this one of the bride losing her teeth during the communion part of the ceremony.  Most have already seen this video, but there are parts of this video that people miss.  The funniest part of the video is the brides expression when it initially happens.  The looks that say, “Do I pretend like that didn’t happen? Will he notice when it’s his turn? Yeah, I better get that.” The fact that the groom holds it together is just great. It’s probably why he married her anyway.

Bride Loses Teeth

5) Lady in Red
This one is also pretty funny. A drunk guest, a pretty woman in red, is having a great time dancing to one of the most annoying songs you’ll ever hear in your life.  Thing to watch in the video: the brides expression as the lady in red dances with groom, and as the guest brings down the house. Literally.  Props to the groom for keeping his eyes on his bride, but by the time this video is done, the guest won’t be the only one wearing red.

So there you have it.  Volume 1 of the 5 funniest wedding disasters.  I’ll dig up about 5 every week or so, but this should add a year to your life. Happy chuckling.  Send me some other funny ones you’ve seen and maybe they’ll be in volume 2 coming soon!


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  1. Boca Raton Weddings
    Jun 03, 2010 @ 14:41:45

    Loved the article, plenty of great advice. When it comes to hosting a wedding, my advice is to shop around a bit.


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