Wedding Guest Chokes Grandma!

As a groom, I don’t know if this is a bad sign of things to come when during the wedding reception your cousin gets hit in the head with a brick, all mayhem breaks loose, your father is curled up on the ground guarding his face and someone has got your grandmother in a chokehold.  Maybe your first thought is, “I better never forget our anniversary.”  After you rescue your grandma, of course.

The details of this outright brawl is even more confusing, so leave it to us to sort it all out for you. On November 8th, 2009,  Tasha Johnson and Markeith Brown exchanged nuptials at the Rusty Pelican restaurant in Tampa, FL.  That should be a red flag right there, but this is where the story begins.  The reception took place at the same location and during the reception, the groom was throwing money onto the dance floor and letting the children scurry to get the cash.  The bride’s family didn’t like that at all.   A few stiff comments than turned into a physical altercation with about 30 to 40 people involved which then spilled from the restaurant out into the parking lot where a man was hit in the head with a brick.  Police were called in and they broke up the altercation and sent everyone on their way which at this point was the Residence Inn where most of the guests were staying and that is where the fun begins.

Enter Sandra Felicia Dean, a woman with 4 previous felony convictions and the cousin of the man who was hit with the brick.  She was at her house babysitting when she heard about her cousin and immediately came out to the scene at the hotel to get more info.  Nothing was said about who was watching the kids once she left, but doesn’t matter.  When she arrived, she heard the groom mouthing off about the situation and she took to remedying the scenario by charging him.  In her path was the 78 year old grandma who was greeted with a shove and a, “Get out of the way, old lady.”  Once she reached Thompson (that’s the groom. stay with me folks), she hit him in the nose with her car keys.

The grandmother than said her peace about the situation chatting about how barbaric this had become and was met with a choke hold from Dean as she yelled in her ear, “Momma, I’m a choke you out.”  Police arrived shortly thereafter when Dean finally let go.  Dean and the person who arrived with her were both arrested.  The groom was not arrested even though there was the brick incident that apparently no one would admit happened, but that some mumble was the groom’s doing.

Fast forward to April 2010 and Dean’s trial just finished.  It took the jury less than 16 minutes to convict Dean of her 5th felony of assault on a person over 65.  The judge is aiming for a stiffer sentence since Dean is obviously a career felon.  As for grandma, she’s just happy about the conviction and that Dean never got a chance to choke her out.  Yeah, we agree.  No one should choke a granny out.  It affects what’s referred to as cookie karma and it’s not pretty.


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