Top 20 Funniest Divorce Cakes

Well, I’ve done ugliest wedding cakes, worst wedding photos, sluttiest wedding dresses and many more that everyone loves. But I totally missed the boat until the wonderful ladies at Weddings Are a Girl’s Best Friend showed a couple examples of Divorce Cakes.  I didn’t even know these existed and yet here they are in all of their hilarity. So I went online and found my 20 favorites and here they are..

The Top 20 Divorce Cakes

#20 – Free At Last
Nothing crazy unusual like the other cakes on this list but considering what must have gone into the ball and chain here, I’d be interested in knowing whether that’s a big hunk of frosting or if it’s cake. And if it’s cake, how did they get it round like that? Or is something more sinister…

#19 – Dumbass.
This one makes me giggle. I can totally see this woman in the process of making this cake. “FLOUR!  SUGAR! EGG! BLOOD!”

Picture obtained from

#18 – Work For Food
I’m sure we’ll see more of these in the list, but the “She’s taking half of everything I own” theme is definitely going to crop up here and there.

Found via Google Images at

#17 – Have a Beer
This one wasn’t as inventive as the others, but it’s the best you can expect a guy to do with that photo rice paper and it’s chuckle worthy.

Found via Google Images at

#16 – The Split
This was kind of strange to see that someone went to the trouble to create a nice looking wedding cake and then split it. It makes it one of the more depressing cakes on the list. It almost looks like the wedding was called off and the cake was altered this way which adds some ominous factor to it.

Found via Google Images at

#15 – Headless Groom
This was a different spin that shows the bride’s true feelings, but still remaining calm in its adversity. I, the, he, and then. Ok. I give up. Morbid.

Found via Google Images at

14 – Just Plain Murder
Ok, so one theme you will see with these cakes is women causing harm to men and not the other way around. Keeps the theme strongly and smartly and viciously and gruesomely and funnily-ier.

Found via Google images at

#13 – Showdown
This photo has been seen everywhere on the web and is very popular. I like the concept and that no one is the winner here.  Yet. But the shotgun definitely has more radial damage, so he’s got the advantage here of walking away unless she’s a really good shot. She’ll be in many pieces when all is said and done unless she gets her shot off first. hmm. too much thinking…

Source unknown, but this was found via Google Images at

#12 – Bride From hell
This could actually be a wedding cake, but the story behind it supposedly is that she’s the bride from hell and this cake shows off her various level of flaming evil. It’s pretty funny as the groom looks like he’s sinking into tar or lava. I like it because it’s chocolate. mmmm,

Found via Google Images at

#11 – Sucker
Another head scratcher. “So long sucker” could mean a lot of things. Sucker means that the other person was tricked by something, so this cake almost gives it that raw, ‘This whole thing was planned and I don’t have to work anymore because of your stupidity” spin that just leaves me reeling. And since divorce is all about cold and heartless vengeance, then rock on! It’s not here because of inventiveness but because of the sheer cold draft it creates.

Source unknown, found via Google Images but link was broken

Yes folks, it’s the top 10 funniest divorce cakes. Proceed.

#10 – Queen of the Hill
I’m seeing a lot of cakes with this Queen of the Hill theme. I like this one’s added touch of his possessions along the side of the cake.

Found via Google Images at

# 9 – Kicked to the Curb
This is one of the few that shows the groom kicking the bride to the curb.  I like that they applied the kicking to an entire cake layer.

Found via Google Images at

#8 – I Get Half
This one takes the “she gets half of everything” to the next level showing the true end result of most divorces.

Found via Google Images at

#7 – Take Out the Garbage
I love the effect of the sheet pulled up on the side.  But the detail that went into the garbage is pretty funny. Especially the rat.

Found via Google Images at

#6 – Broken Heart
This one had me scratching my head also. It almost looks like a glacier that’s breaking off in pieces, but the head scratching part is that both of them are talking on their cell phones. Are they breaking up via phone or have they divorced and are now calling someone else? Hmmm. The curious nature is what got it to this list.

Found via Google Images at,0,7402416.photogallery

#5 – Another Level
This one took the whole bride and bloody groom thing to an entire new level.  Complete with multiple broken hearts.

Found via Google Images at

#4 – Fertilizer
This bride not only kills the groom but also buries him in fertilizer. Or that’s probably showing that he now IS the fertilizer.

Found via Google Images at

#3 – Hot tub and happy
That’s right. Forget about the bad parts of a divorce. Think about the impending benefits of being single.  But it’s funny that you actually think you’re going to keep the hot tub in the settlement. Still funny. Enjoy the cake. Oh. And is that carpet on the cake?

Found via Google Images at

#2 – The Ring Casket
Let me just go on record to say that this was the stiffest competition for the #1 slot ever because between this cake and the number one cake below, it’s both inventive and funny and it strays away from the typical, “I hate you and wish to disembowel you on a cake” approach. Just know that both this cake and the one below are #1 in my book. Love them both. The use of the ring box as part of a casket is ingenious.

Found via Google Images at

And here we are folks!

The winner of the best divorce cake award.

#1 – Marriage License
This cake was made by CakeLady2007 (according to the URL) and the amount of work that went into writing all of this out puts it up there on the list. Even trying to envision this before making it must have been a bear. It’s so well done that it almost doesn’t even look like a cake. Congrats. You nailed it.

Found via Google Images at

And there you have it. The top 20 funniest divorce cakes that I could find. All photos were obtained from Google Images and a lot of digging. You can see the URL’s I got them from in the ALT tags of each photo. Do you have ones to share that I didn’t post here? Post them!

8 Great Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall wedding decor ideasFall is a very popular time for weddings. primarily because of the weather and that nature masterfully weaves its color palette into stunning displays of oranges, yellows, reds and browns.  It’s natures best color coordinated season of the year.  Brides simply love this season and here are some great ideas to accentuate your fall wedding planning.

1) Location
Make sure that wherever you host your wedding, that it’s somewhere that is accented by the natural beauty of the season. A quiet Victorian style church surrounded by trees in their fall colors makes for some incredibly brilliant wedding photo opportunities.  Mountain settings are simply stunning if you can get your location reserved before that other bride does!

Leaf Save The Dates For Fall Weddings2) Set the Tone
It’s good to plan ahead and make your guests aware of your fall themed wedding in advance. This may help to steer them in their choice of fashion accessories such as maple leaf broaches or autumn color handkerchiefs. Set the pace by sending our leaf save the date cards or wedding invitations with a fall or autumn feel to them. There are tons of wedding invitations places online including Rexcraft, Invitations By Dawn, Get Married and many more.

Maple Leaf Place Card Holders3) Fall decorations
It’s also important to make sure that your guests can enjoy the seasonal colors whether they are inside or out by decorating the tables with centerpieces that use colorful leaves, straw, dried flowers, and pumpkin colors. Keeping within the brown and yellow spectrum of colors will be eye catching. Small details like using a Leaf Guestbook or maple leaf place card holders make very dramatic statements.  Handmade tablecloths and doilies also give a small town feel that adds a nice touch.

Maple Leaf Bottle Stopper for Fall Weddings4) Fall wedding favors
Give your guests fall wedding favors that will help them to remember the occasion. They may not remember details, but when they get to take home fall themed wedding favors like copper leaf bottle stoppers, place card holders, or simply any of the many ideas that are available out there, you give them a point of reference to remember the occasion.  If leaves or pumpkin type gifts aren’t your style, at least try and manage to stick to your color palette.

5) Dress Color
In some people’s eyes, the only potential downside to a fall wedding is the dress color.  An off white wedding dress is normally a safer bet with fall weddings. primarily because a bright white dress can clash with your fall motif.  Be sure to stick to the color coordination since you are the focal point of the day.  If you’ve inherited a white dress or refuse to walk down the aisle in anything but white, it won’t ruin the day, but it’s that attention to detail that will set the bar. Also ensure that the wedding party and especially bridesmaid dresses will help to support your color choices.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe6) Food
Your fall wedding menu should highlight food of the autumn season with selections like pumpkin pie, pecan pie, squash, zucchini, and apple cider with cinnamon sticks.  Don’t forget your vegetarian guests as well. Likewise your wedding cake should also have fall colors and decorations incorporated into layers or decorations.  Placing the cake on a light brown or dust yellow tablecloth surrounded by leafs would be a great eye catcher.

7) Everyone knows
Out of all of the great fall wedding tips that are available out there, be sure that you keep the color coordination on the top of everyone’s mind. Let your wedding planner know your plans so that they can inform all of the right people and monitor the situation for you. The caterer needs to know that you want your menu seasonal so that they can plan accordingly. It’s just very important that everyone is aware of your autumn motif to make sure that they don’t add something to the mix to clash with your flow and feel of fall.

Image from Google Images and approved for re-use8) Lighting
Make sure that whoever is in charge of decorating, that they keep the lighting subdued and not bright white.  All of your colors can get washed away in bright white light. Keep lighting off-white or yellow to keep the ambiance flowing even in the air. If the DJ will be supplying lighting as well, be sure that they know of your color plans so that their “disco lights” don’t ruin everything you worked so hard to create. But more importantly, be sure to let your wedding photographer know about the yellow lighting since yellow plays havoc on white balance. It’s best they know as far in advance as possible.

Have more great fall wedding tips or things you’ve learned from your own fall wedding? Share them here!

Carrie Underwood Releases Wedding Details

Carrie Underwood to Serve cupcakesWord is that pop superstar Carrie Underwood is way too busy to do the whole beautiful wedding cake shtick and so she does what all brides in her position would do. No, dont buy the wedding cake from Publix, you do something that’s even MORE time consuming than a cake.  Cupcakes!  Where you have to make dozens of little cakes instead of one big one. Yes, that makes sense. Much more time efficient.  However, some are saying it has nothing to do with time.  It’s just what she wants to do.

Carrie has been with her fiance, hockey player Mike Fisher,  since 2008.  She initially shared some details about the wedding when she stated, “I‘m Southern. I like big hair and eyeliner. I want my wedding to be me, so I’ll probably be rocking some big hair and eyeliner… I want the dress to be pretty traditional. I think I want flowers on it – not real flowers.  The designer will probably be someone I’ve worked with before.”

We know that the wedding will most likely be Fall or Winter themed since Carrie is currently on tour until the end of July.  So, we have cupcakes for the reception, a wedding dress from a designer she’s worked with before that will have fake flowers on it, and that will most likely take place in Fall or Winter.  We’re going to call Fall, because as a Georgian, there isn’t any place more beautiful in the fall than the Georgia mountains.

Part 2! Top 20 Worst Wedding Photos

Due to the overwhelming popularity of my Top 20 worst wedding photos, people have been inundating me with requests to create another list. I mean, there certainly had to be more insane wedding photos out there, right?  Well, believe it or not, there actually was!  Enjoy!

The 20 Worser Wedding Photos

#20 – In a Ceremony Far Far Away
Star Wars weddings aren’t new, but I think the bride’s face says it all.  “I looked past the kids  and that our officiant is Princess Leia with an S&M leash.  This too shall pass.  In with the good air, out with the bad air. Breathe slow. Stay calm.”

#19 – Busted Again.
Ok. No idea what grandpa is doing in the bushes, but I’m sure it’s something creepy.  Great shot there Mr. Kodak.

#18 – Pillage in the Village
“We have a great deal on our Vietnamese burned out village package.  Screaming and wailing will cost extra though.”   I know, I know. That’s awful. But it’s why you love me.

#17 – Spiked Punch
No one found out the punch was spiked until it was way too late.

#16 – Collectively Ticked
This was not a wedding that came with the parents blessing.  “But I LOVE him Momma!”  followed by the thought, “Maybe Momma is right.” followed by her parents thinking, “She has to learn from her mistakes. Let her go, Mabel.”

#15 – Unhappy Parents 2
Speaking of unhappy parents. Here are the thoughts here:  Dad:  “I know he doesn’t think I’m paying for jack sh*#.”    Mom: “You think your father’s kidding. We’re not paying for jack.  You just wait.  I will kick your skull if you even ask me for a cupcake, you slack loser.”

14 – Yeah, yeah
The wedding was aw-yite. But the reception was the bizz-omb.  Don’t you let them tell you that your dress wasn’t the shiznat. You were sparkly and the tiara set it off honey.  And your hair is un-be-weave-able! The fourth time is the charm honey, his probation ends in January and he only has 4 kids.  You got yourself a real man this time.

and for those saying that this is not the bride, here’s a ceremony shot;

#13 – Cheeky

Not sure what to even say about this photo.  Does she not feel a draft? The guy to her right is whispering to his wife, “I promise I’m not looking, but you have to see this.”

#12 – John Deere-ly Beloved
A staged shot for sure, but for those wondering what Kathy Griffin’s wedding would look like, here’s a sampling.

#11 – Sew What?
Ok. There’s the groom with a mini-sewing machine and a UPS truck testing the weight capacity of the back door with people’s packages. So does there need to be a punchline?  I’ll leave it up to you.  The best one I get will be posted here with credit.

Yes folks, it’s the top 10. The worst of the worst. Proceed.

#10 – I Do, Now Run!

“Yeah, yeah, I do, now please run or death will do us part!”  or maybe it was, “You can’t make me stop marrying your daughter. Yeah? You and what army?”  I got a million of ’em for this staged shot.

# 9 – Long Train Running

She’s got that look that says “Oh no you didn’t!”.

#8 – I Do, Adidas
Let me just say that the fact that she is even walking down the aisle with him is proof enough that he should stay by her side until his dying day.  I can hear a million brides-to-be looking at this photo and saying in unison, “Oh Helllll no.”

#7 – Yeah, Not Funny
This guy is about to find out where “that line” is.  He’s all giggles now until this film got developed.

#6 – Awaiting Reaction
He had no idea that how he handled this situation in front of his new bride would be the first and biggest test he’s ever taken.  And as you can see, she’s thinking, “Is that your final answer?”

#5 – Sucker
It was at that moment that he realized that he was simply window dressing for one of her many “girls night out’s”.

#4 – I See Dead People
I’m going to assume that she’s happy that there are many witnesses at this point.

#3 – No Means No
“What did I tell you?! I said NO Chicken Dance and you did it anyway!”  Note the law enforcement in this photo.

#2 – Eat More Chicken
I’m not sure if it’s more disturbing that this is happening in the background or that the photographer made sure he set the framing to capture it.

And here we are folks!

The winner of the worst wedding photo award.

#1 – Southern Limo

They couldn’t afford a limo, but they still arrived in style.  The bride has got to be thrilled.

And there you have it. The 20 worst wedding photos I could find.  All photos were obtained from Google Images and a lot of digging.  Hopefully when you go to hire your wedding photographers or other wedding vendors, you’ll make sure that you do your homework. Do you have ones to share that I didn’t post here? Post them!

Wedding Vendors Get Free Exposure

wedding-photographerWedding vendors from every walk of profession including wedding photographers, caterers, florists, DJ’s, bands and others got a free handout from the television show Get Married.  The Lifetime TV show opened its doors wide for wedding professionals to post free listings on their website at

Since the launch of the free listings, vendors have filled the areas quickly and by the thousands.  If your business is related to the wedding industry, take adavantage of the limited free offer to get listed and seen by literally thousands of brides.  Get Married has not indicated when the promotion will end, but this is a coup for any wedding business interested in getting on one of the most popular wedding websites on the web.

10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Planner

Bride-stressedChoosing a wedding planner is one of the most important decisions to make on your checklist of things to do for your big day. They can be invaluable, and make your event more amazing than you could have imagined (and most importantly, more stress free!).  So when selecting your second most important partner in the wedding, know the answers to ten important questions. Ask before hiring and feel that much more confident that this is a marriage made in heaven.

1. What do you get for your price?

Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money: what is included; different package options; how they bill (hourly, deposits, payment plans, billing, etc). This will help to ensure that there are no surprising costs that will pop up unexpectedly during or after the wedding planning process. Perhaps you don’t need help with every little element, or you have an hour cap that you need to keep in mind. Does the fee include the cost of assistants on the wedding day, and how many? Know what you are paying for.

2. Do you understand my vision?

A planner could have done every celebrity and high-end wedding in the world, but if they don’t share your understanding of the style and vision, you might be unhappy with the final outcome. Some planners can create one fabulous look, but if that look isn’t you, then be sure their portfolio reflects many styles – look for the personality of the couple to shine through in the events, not the same likes of the planner over and over again. Talk with your planner and bounce ideas off each other to make sure you’re on the same page before you begin.

3. Referrals

As obvious as it may seem, make sure to ask for and check your planner’s references. Know their experience level, how long they have been in business, the size, scope, and budgets of the weddings they have done to make sure they have enough experience in the type of wedding you want and can afford. Check with past clients they refer you to, but also do your web and chat room research. Make sure there are no outstanding issues out there.

4. Are they familiar with your venue and vendors?

Most wedding planners are well connected with other professionals in the wedding industry, and can help give you reliable options that they know of or have worked with before. If, however, you chose some of your own vendors, make sure they are willing and able to work together so that everything goes smoothly on the day of and egos stay out of the way. Ask if the event planner takes a referral fee from vendors and if so, be sure you’re seeing the selection you want. If one company is heavily pushed on you over all others, that can be a sign of a backend financial agreement. This is very common and often industry standard, so don’t be too put off by it, just be smart about your selection.

5. How involved will you both be?

Find out how often you will meet, if they will come to your vendor meetings, how much planning you will do on your own. Think of things that you really would want to do on your own, if any. Make sure both of your jobs are clearly discussed and understood.

6. How busy are they?

See how often your planner has a wedding on a calendar, especially for the month, week, and even your same day. If you feel like they are trying to overbook there is a good chance that you won’t get the personal attention that you need and deserve. You want to be the only bride she or he tends to that day. You might also ask if wedding planning is their full time job or if it is a side hobby as that can also lead to scheduling conflicts.

7. Emergency situations

Although hopefully you won’t have any last minute emergencies to deal with, such things do happen and you need to be prepared. Ask what would happen if your wedding planner was suddenly not able to make the wedding, if someone in the wedding party got sick, bad weather affecting out of town arrivals and the event itself, etc. Find out if they have had any situations like this in the past, and how they did, or would, deal with them – in case of an unforeseen occurrence, does the planner have staff and/or a backup plan if they cannot make the day.

8. Budget?

This may be an assumed task for the wedding planner to oversee, but you can never be too cautious. A wedding can quickly go over budget, so make sure you find a planner who makes your budget limit their top priority.

9. Is it a real business?

Ask your planner if they have a business license, insurance, education. See if they belong to a professional organization like the ABC, ACPWC, Weddings Beautiful, June Weddings, WIPA and ISES, all of which are respectable bridal consultant groups. Also ask if the group they belong to requires them to have training every year or simply pay an annual fee.

Happy-Bride10. Honeymoon!

Don’t forget that after the party is over, you want to have an amazing relaxing honeymoon with your new spouse! Ask if your wedding planner has travel contacts or resources for you to use. Perhaps they can even help to plan your special vacation or destination wedding.

But above all the rules, paperwork, and fine print, most of all, make sure you really like your wedding planner, because you will be spending a lot of time together in the coming months!

Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2010

Engaged over Valentine’s Day and getting ready to set your date and start the wedding planning? As you begin to plan you 2010 nuptials keep in mind these top trends you’ll see next spring. Buttercream, organic green, backyard weddings – all great ideas to help get you down the aisle.

1. Back to Basics
Events will focus on the attention to the details, the foundation of the event, not the drama or grandeur of the evening. Consider spending more on the lasting memories than the showmanship of the event. Spend a bit more than the average budget allotment on photography mediums rather than abundant floral. Or consider a bit of a longer stay on your honeymoon and a little less of a party at the reception and you’ll be grateful for your decision in the end.

2. Home Weddings Hit Home
Intimate and personal affairs in the backyard are bigger than ever. Going home incorporates the continued trend of personalizing the wedding day experience. Smaller size guest lists, more intimate settings, grass roots weddings, elegant and detail driven, but in no way small on what counts.

3. Buttercream on the Big Day
Fondant is falling behind, buttercream corners the market. Tools and techniques now allow for buttercream to look as smooth as fondant when applied by a skilled artist. You have the option of better flavor, more natural ingredients, and less costly cakes that no longer suffer or lack in design.

wedding-favor-flower-bookmark4. Favor Comeback
Personalized appreciation is back. The effect that an event has on the guests is more noticeable than ever before so the importance of wedding favors is felt more than ever. Be sure to appreciate to those in attendance – it’s not just an afterthought, omission, or generic item. Think local artisans, locally grown products, personal mementos, and on-the-spot print outs.

5. Nearby Destinations
Nearby destination weddings are taking flight over the exotic and far off locales. The ever popular destination wedding will remain but guests will get out of town by car (within driving distance) so couples can create a weekend, guests get an escape, but no one breaks the bank. Enjoying the US destination locations, spend within your own local economies, create a greener effect, experience undiscovered backyards, and stay sensible about cost while you’re at away.

6. Colors
Monochromatic palettes – this doesn’t mean muted colors, just single color bunches. Vibrant Colors: Orange, green, yellow, and pink. Metal Colors: Gold, silver, copper, and pewter. And black is definitely the new black. Break the rules and show off the darker side of your event.

7. Greener Conscience
Emerging will be the newest phase of eco-conscience: A better understanding of the gray shades of green. You will see more emphasis on the smaller changes that are less recognizable to the guest (i.e. cleaning green, composting, solar and LED lighting, no more oasis in floral arrangements, less catering waste). It’s no longer about making the event appear “organic” – it’s about understanding how things are made, disposed of, and where/when events take place. Learning to make better choices that are unseen by the guest are just as important as those tree-free invitations everyone is talking about.

wedding-videos8. Video Integration into Events
We’ve all seen the photo montages of your childhoods during dinner but the next phase in video at your event comes in several different forms. Video DJ’s are emerging, allowing your dance party to dance to the visuals of the music videos; ceremonies are being broadcast on screens for better viewing from the back; and time lapse photography is being shot and integrated into video for current day montages of you and your fiancé. Love to party? Set up crane camera and project the event as it unfolds on screens around the dance floor (budget permitting of course).

9. HD Video
Videographers have already gone hi-def. But next year all or most will make such a transition, making HD and even Blu Ray the norm in wedding videography. Upgrade now and appreciate the quality later. This also means smaller cameras on site and less intrusion into your event, all around a better (though more costly) option on the big day.

10. Visual Combinations
Professional grade still photo cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR are being released with HD video capabilities included. It is recommended to have both a videographer and a photographer at your wedding to capture every moment of the big day. Tech-savvy brides looking for a new experience, may like to experiment with a visual professional (videographer or photographer) who has this technology. In the future, you will begin to see an emergence of two-in-one companies.

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