Top 5 Celebrity Rumors of January 2010

So here they are in no particular order, the top 5 celebrity rumors of January 2010 and we kept the theme about celebrity wedding engagements this time around.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

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1) Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Are Engaged

Ok, yeah. This one came onto the scene and then disappeared and now is back again.  Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are apparently engaged again and the rumor mills are a buzz.  When asked about the engagement, Brian Austin Green noted on his Twitter account, “Engaged and have a son from my previous relationship.”  Since then, the post was taken down and the account was also closed.  There’s been no input from Megan’s camp.

The Verdict: False. While this would be a great boon for Green, Megan Fox is the most sought after actress not only in film, but also in her personal life. Everyone wants Megan Fox and she certainly knows that taking herself of the market is career suicide and part of what makes her sexy is because she’s available.  It is certainly not her acting skills.

Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell at The Golden Globes

Photo from AP photographer Chris Pizello

2) Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell

Paul McCartney is rumored to be engaged to Nancy Shevell from New York City and they were just seen together at the Golden Globes.  She’s known the McCartney family for over 20 years and comes from a wealthy family so she doesn’t have any need for Paul’s money in the shadow of a divorce with Heather Mills who walked away with $49 Million after the very nasty divorce.  While friends and family had an issue with Paul’s ex Heather Mills, everyone loves Nancy including Paul’s 38 year old daughter.

Verdict: True. Let’s face it, Paul is an all or nothing type of guy and he has to be in a relationship to be happy.  As he gets older, that desire simply isn’t going away. Family and friends have already bought into it, so if it isn’t true, it will be soon.

Miley Cyrus wearing an engagement ring.

Photo obtained from San Francisco Chronicle

3) Miley Cyrus is Engaged to Liam Hemsworth

The rumor mill is abuzz about Miley Cyrus getting engaged to 20 year old Liam Hemsworth.  This rumor got jumpstarted when Miley appeared at a Grammy Awards ceremony wearing an engagement ring. Ok, let’s go ahead and not even talk about this now.

Verdict: False. Heck no. Don’t believe it. Not only is she too young to get married, but her father would never let that happen at this stage of her career. I see her hitching the wagon about 10 years from now, but not right now.

4) Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly Are Engaged

Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly Engaged

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Baseball hero Derek Jeter is rumored to be engaged to Minka Kelly, the actress from Friday Night Lights. The New York Post is even reporting that they already have the wedding venue picked out at the Oheka Castle. Sorry. While it seems like there’s enough evidence to back this up, I’m going to cry foul ball on this.

Verdict: False. This is one of those that could swing either way. No pun intended. But with all of the drama that follows Derek Jeter on a regular basis and his well documented exploits, I find it hard to believe that he’s getting engaged this quickly jumping into a relationship of this magnitude. So, I’ll say false for now, but maybe true later on in the year.

Katy Perry and Russel Brand Engaged

Photo obtained from Gossip and Gab

5) Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Comedian/Actor Russell Brand and singer Katy Perry supposedly are planning to tie the knot. These two are certifiably insane and made for each other, but are they really engaged? While the couple has been seen attached at the hip at multiple events, it’s not known if the relationship is anything more than just that.

Verdict: hmmm, False. While they may be in a relationship, I’m not buying the engagement. They may have talked about it and even wear rings, but the two of them are individually unstable, so I don’t see this working out.
If these rumors were true, and some of them just may be, which one do you actually care about?

So there you have it.  I’ll gather more engagement rumors for February 2010 for you.

Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

wedding-ring-setLet’s not go into planning a wedding just yet, but let’s at least by hypothetical. When your significant other presents you with your engagement ring, it should represent you and your relationship perfectly, something you couldn’t have done a better job had you picked it out yourself.  In an ideal world that is exactly the scenario that would take place, but how to do you know that you will get the ring that you want?  To ensure that when you open up that little square box you will find a ring you are truly excited about, take the time to lay a little bit of groundwork – chances are he’ll appreciate the help.

Your personal style should be reflected in the ring end up with, so if you’re a sleek, chic businesswoman perhaps a simple solitaire is for you, or if you are spontaneous and fun, then maybe a colored stone is your thing.  Keep in mind your lifestyle as well as your personal style while you ponder over your options.  If you are very active or work with your hands, make sure you subtly hint for a ring that won’t get in the way of your daily activity.

Since your ring should be a reflection of who you are, you need to make it clear who you are not.  Try to be a bit more coy than leaving out a wedding magazine with pictures of engagement rings circled and crossed out.  Instead, drop hints about rings you’ve seen and what your friends are wearing.  Though this can be a tricky situation, so consider aiming for more straightforward ways of going about getting the ring you want.

Some couples couple talk openly about an engagement even before an official proposal; thus making the ring conversation a natural progression.  If you are this kind of couple, then picking out rings together alleviates any potential disaster and ensures a happy outcome.  If you still want some element of surprise you can always walk up to jewelry windows wherever you are and point to ones you like or sketch out ideas for him in order to point him in the right direction.

Many women, in an attempt to foolproof their perfect plan, enlist the help of a trustworthy friend or family member. Tell them exactly what you want and let them tastefully reiterate your likings or shop with your almost-betrothed.  He may ask for the help from your friend without you even knowing, so be prepared and share your dream ring with a few close loved ones to keep all your bases covered.

If all of this fails, and you still end up with a ring you are less than crazy about, don’t be afraid to talk about it.  Though it might be a sensitive situation, he will want you to have a ring that you love instead of something you are unhappy with.  After all, you don’t want to start your marriage off on the wrong foot (or ring!).

Familiarize yourself with the variety of shapes, sizes, cuts and colors out there.  Explore the process together if he’s willing.  Perhaps suggest in conversation that should you be wed, you love the idea of designing a ring together, something special that really is an expression of each of you (while your hidden agenda is carefully secured).

If you find yourself happily engaged but unhappily decorated, approach the idea of an exchange. Smart shoppers are always clear on exchange or refund policies. If return or exchange is not an option, for example you find yourself being presented with a family ring that just doesn’t suit your taste, consider reworking the jewels into a varied setting. Oftentimes couples collaborate on a custom design, so it can be equal parts of both of them and have a unified outcome. Keep in mind that custom work can take a few months to complete. But something so unique is well worth the wait.

However you decide to symbolize your love and devotion to one another, make it special. Whether that means having the perfect stone or including a simple engraving in a ring he selected for you – make it you and make it personal.

Now all you have left to do is pick out the wedding favors and bridesmaid gifts, right? yeahhh…..