“The Office” Wedding Spoiler – Jim & Pam

the-office-jim-pam-wedding-Photo-from-McCall-dot-comJim Halpert and Pam Beesly from the TV series “The Office” are officially getting married during the fourth episode of the upcoming season of The Office and the hi-jinks of Dunder Mifflin.  The final episode of last season found the couple getting engaged and also announcing Pam’s pregnancy. While NBC has been mum on the details of the wedding ceremony, visitors to Niagara Falls in New York were pleasantly surprised to find the couple shooting the scene and shared some information about what they saw.

The scene was shot on the Maid of The Mist 4 and both were decked out in full wedding attire.  Pam (played by Jenna Fischer) was dressed in an empire waist bridal gown “with beaded trim and white boots” and Jim (played by John Krasinski) “donned a black tuxedo with a boutonniere with two white flowers.” according to Buffalo News.

The scene was filmed in two parts which will also take place over two episodes and that will begin airing October 8th.   Scenes were shot in front of the Red Coach Inn, which was renamed the Statler Falls Hotel, under a sign that said “Prepare to Falls in Love”.  Another on the Maid of the Mist boat where they had to start wearing a blue poncho to keep from getting wet because of the heavy mist from the Falls.  Tuesday and Wednesday, the area was scouted out by staff 3 weeks earlier and they barely got misted at all.  Not the case during a Thursday filming, where they pretty much got soaked to the skin.  Luckily, Fischers make up was waterproof so that she could stay pretty on her Big Day.  Most of the two part episode was shot in Los Angeles in a restaurant and chapel scene.

HD owners will probably notice a downgraded picture for these episodes because they couldn’t use the HD cameras in this environment and had to downgrade to a 16mm camera that uses a spinning device to keep the water off of the lens.

In real life, Krasinski is engaged to “The Devil Wears Prada” actress Emily Blunt who he’s been dating since November 2008.  Fischer also got engaged during a trip to Europe to Lee Kirk who she’s been dating since January 2008.

Zac Efron Getting Married

zac-efron-gqWell, apparently there is no wedding planning in the works for 21 year old Zac Efron who revealed to the April issue of GQ (on sale April 21) “I’m definitely not getting married.”  This may be a shock to girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens when he expanded on the comment by saying, “”I’m not getting married until I’m 40.  If ever.” On Disney Channel this past week, a write-in fan asked if it was love at first sight with Vanessa when they started working together on High School Musical and he confirmed that indeed it was.

This statement was spawned to quell people that caught National Enquirer releasing a rumor that Zac proposed to Vanessa while the two were in Japan.  The magazine was quoted as saying, “Zac… proposed to Vanessa during a joint trip to Japan in late January, say sources. The two are planning a long engagement and will tie the knot in 2010.
Zac hasn’t given Vanessa a ring yet, say sources – but he’s hoping the proposal will buy him some time with Vanessa’s super-strict mom, Gina, who didn’t approve of the sweethearts living together before they were married.”

There are even online rumors that the date is already scheduled for September in Hawaii for a beach wedding.

Zac and Vanessa have been seen off and on together, but if their relationship is still on, they’re doing a great job keeping it under wraps to quell these rumors.  Especially following a racy photo shoot of Zac Efron and a naked female model for the April issue of Interview magazine leaving very little to the imagination.


As for the getting married comment, Zac says, “In this business, you’re either getting married or they want you to be pregnant” and he’s primarily steering clear of anything that could derail his career.  After a very successful interview on David Letterman on April 13, people have begun to realize that Zac is the real deal.  And apparently he has his head screwed on right in the drug column also taking the advice of fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio who told Zac, “There’s one way that you can really f**k this all up. Just do heroin. If you steer clear of that—the other obstacles you’ll be able to navigate.”  Zac took that advice to heart and so for now, the biggest Hollywood drugs (heroin and marriage) are definitely out.  Supposedly.

Idiots Guide to Wedding Proposals

Every little girl dreams of that special moment where her man gets down on one knee.  But as girls grow up, they tend to wish for something a bit more creative, something unique to share with friends and family and remember for a lifetime.  Here are a few bright ideas for that big moment (in case he’s reading):

wedding-proposal1Tie your proposal into a holiday
Although the major holidays have passed and are a bit passe, there is still Valentine’s Day! Too expected, too easy?  Wait for Easter and give her an Easter egg hunt that she’s never forget – one with the ring at the end.  Did you meet in a bar?  Are you Irish?  Drop the ring into the bottom of a stein of green beer for St Patrick’s Day.  Do you get dressed up at Halloween?  Give her a treat she’ll never forget!  An unexpected holiday gift (on a date that doesn’t traditionally involve a gift exchange) can be a sweet surprise!

Make your own holiday
Any woman would LOVE to be swept off her feet and taken to a romantic destination.  Relax and enjoy for a few days, then a day or so before you leave plan an excursion and pop the question on location – and you still have time to celebrate!

Creative note
Spell out the big question somewhere she would never expect it: on the bathroom mirror when she gets ready for a night out together; glow in the dark stars on the bedroom ceiling; take one of her favorite weekly magazines and slip in a fake page for your proposal.  Even plan ahead with an art gallery to place a special work of art into a room for her to see – the question becomes a keepsake.  Find a place you know she’ll go and pop the question.

Take a trip down memory lane
Take your significant other to the place where you met, had your first date, kiss, or another location that has special meaning to you as a couple and recreate that first moment.  Express your feelings from start to finish and take your courtship full circle.

Surprise her
Though it may seem spur-of-the-moment, pick a spot where you can completely catch her off guard.  Maybe in a photo booth so you have pictures of her response, as an announcement in a public place, or slip it in the advertisements before a movie you are seeing.

Spy Cameras
No matter where you ask, ask someone to capture it on film.  Videography companies now offer proposal packages that allow you to capture the moment, her reaction, and answer on camera.  They will hide out, blend in, and not be seen by your bride-to-be until the moment has past and you’ve got a keepsake to keep for a lifetime.

No matter what you do, be creative and make sure it’s right for her!  If she’s shy, don’t make a big scene at a ballpark; if she’s the outdoors type, consider an adventure; if she’s a Disney fan, take her to where her fairytale can unfold.  Think of your soon-to-be fiancé when planning and the answer will surely be “yes!”

And once you get the hard part done, it’s time for the wedding planning and that’s where the real fun begins….