Reality TV Always Ends in Divorce

kate-gosselin-wedding-ringWedding rings aren’t cheap and they signify something a tad more important than just being jewelry.  While Jon Gosselin is off partying with Lindsay Lohan’s father in the Hamptons for some reason, his wife Kate has put her ring back on.  Apparently Kate is trying to keep herself together and her kids heads on straight.  She is the only glue in these kids lives, so why she’s still wearing the ring is a mystery.

On the flip side, LeeAnn Rimes who was caught in a scandalous affair with costar Eddie Cibrian has separated from her husband and has decided to finally take her wedding band off.  As a result, Cibrian’s wife has apparently decided to take a marital break also since the affair was uncovered by the press.

While divorce seems to be the hip new trend in Hollywood, many people have begun to notice that when you invite cameras into your home, divorce is closely behind.  Just ask Jon and Kate (Jon and Kate Plus Eight), Hulk Hogan (Hogan Knows Best), Nick and Jessica (Newlyweds), Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro (Til Death Do Us Part), Britney and Kevin (Chaotic), Travis and Shanna (Meet The Barkers), Whitney and Bobby (Being Bobby Brown), and Danny and Gretchen (Breaking Bonaduce).  There are very few marriages that have withstood the glare of the lights and walked away unscathed.  Hail Snoop!

While Americans have an insatiable appetite for reality television that invades the lives of interesting characters, at what cost is enough too much?  Is it necessary that we see how celebrities live, what they eat, what brand of toilet paper they use, and to see every argument and failure?  Is it to prove to ourselves that they are just like us by watching them fail in various aspects of their lives?  Is it to live vicariously through them by following them on shopping sprees, drinking binges and temper tantrums?  What is the fascination that keeps the ratings skyrocketing and ruining lives and marriages one after the other?  While to some degree TV and movie stars are “asking for it” and give up their privacy to some extent when they sign on for the job, where is the line to be drawn and will we ever be able to draw it?

5 More Celebrity Rumors!

Mr. Christopher once again taking a break from planning weddings to bring you some more celebrity rumors.   While I’d like to do these as often as possible, sometimes there just isn’t enough juicy stuff to make it worth reading. Luckily for you, that has changed and here they are.  5 more sweet rumors.

Rumor #1 – Michael Jackson Has Skin Cancer

michael-jackson-maskLet’s face it.  Michael is simply an amazing performer.  One only needs to listen to anything up to Thriller to know that.  But his personal life is an absolute mess and it is has caused him internal psychological warfare that has had an inevitable effect on his writing.  The biggest of which is his appearance which has been butchered by California’s worst.   Quack after quack has had their way with Michael’s mug and I would be shocked if he didn’t have skin cancer.  But this rumor started as Michael has been seen visiting his long time dermatologist Dr. Arnie Klien several times a week. Not once a week or a couple times a week, but several times a week. I’ve always loved Michael’s music, but I would be shocked if it wasn’t true, so we’re going to start the mill and say that..

This rumor is: Highly Possible That It’s True. I don’t want it to be true, hope that it’s not true, but all signals point to true.

Rumor #2 – Singer Kelis is Broke

Kelis-and-nasSinger Kelis hasn’t been on the road for over a year and is about to give birth to another spawn of arguably one of the greatest rappers of our time, Nas.  She has filed papers to the courts documenting her financials so that she can get child support from Nas.  Her bills are exceeding $80,000 per month.  Yes, per month. When her and Nas were together, they collectively brought in more than enough to cover those bills, but now, sniff, she’s only bringing in a mere $20,000 per month.  That’s only $240K per year.  What’s a girl to do?  How can anyone live on such a paltry amount?  The documents state that her mortgage alone is almost $15,000 per month!   So let’s get real.  She may not be raking in the cash that she was making previously, but everyone reading this would strangle relatives to be clearing almost a quarter of a million a year.  It’s insulting.   She can still live large in the regular world.

This rumor is: False. By Hollywood standards maybe, but normal people standards, she’s far from broke.

usher-and-tameka1Rumor #3 – Usher is Getting a Divorce

This was a rumor that people were quick to deny to try and protect his career (as if anything could derail it).  When wife Tameka was asked about the rumor, she was totally blindsided and had no idea what they were talking about.  It was all speculation.  Well speculate no more.  The papers were officially filed in Georgia in Fulton County and Usher showed up without a ring on his finger at LAX.

This rumor is: True. The naked ring finger happens often, but official government ordained papers don’t write themselves.

Rumor #4 – Lindsay Lohan Stole $500,000 in Jewelry

Lindsey-LohanHey, I don’t just make this stuff up.  A half a million dollars in jewelry went missing after a photo shoot for ELLE magazine.  One of the suspects?  Miss Lindsay Lohan.  Scotland Yard is investigating the disappearance of the super expensive jewels and Lindsay is cooperating.  New details have emerged from ELLE magazine that have come to Lindsay’s defense indicating that they “have no reason to believe” that Lindsay is involved in the heist.  But until it gets resolved, we’re going to with our gut reaction and say that…

This rumor is: Most Likely False. Obviously, stranger things have, cough, Winona, cough, happened, but Lindsay is on a mission to revive her career and I’m confident she wouldn’t sabotage it for some bling.

Rumor #5 – Linda Hogan Spends Hulk’s Alimony on Drugs

hulk-hogan-linda-hoganOh Gawd.  Who really cares what that nutbag chick does?  That whole family is whack.  But we have to do our job.  Hulk Hogan pays his estranged wife Linda a whopping $40,000 a month in alimony and multiple witnesses are on board ready to attack her as a druggie who is blowing that cash on blow, pot and the painkiller Roxycodon.  Her hairdresser is claiming that Linda comes in to the salon to cash checks there so she has some green to buy her favorite pot and Roxy combo.  And another unnamed truck driver says that he has seen her snort blow on a boat before. So, hmm, we’ll say that…

This rumor is: True. Let’s face it. Divorces are ugly and there are tons of false accusations and lies that surface when there are tens of thousands of dollars being forked out.  But when you add multiple witnesses, you better have a crazy good alibi.

That’s it for right now!  Mr. C signing off.

Top 12 Strangest Wedding Rings

Wedding rings should be a big investment, but most of these are not.  I personally could not begin to imagine wearing any of these (except one) and you’ll soon see why as I show you

The 12 Strangest Wedding Rings

#12 – USB Wedding Rings
The concept is that the couple will join the rings together and swap data.  Maybe love notes or grocery lists?  The funny thing to me is the guy in the background of the ad biting his lip like he’s saying, “Yeah, yeah, baby. Blang blang.”


#11 -Engraving Nightmare
When you only have a small band of precious metal but so much to say, look no further than this atrocity.


#10 – Cryptic Decoder Ring

No need to wait to try and decipher what your wife is trying to tell you. Start off with this remake of the Little Orphan Annie decoder ring and don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine.


# 9 – Serial Killer

This ring is for geeks that have been down since DOS days. Not that the serial connector isn’t still being used anymore, but for real?


#8 – Mini Cup?
I have no idea what this would be used for other than for illegal drug usage or a quick shot of whiskey and it probably couldn’t even do either of those well.


#7 – Binary Ring
Easily the coolest ring on the list and the only one I might even consider wearing.  This ring is binary code for a personal 20 character message that you choose.  Strange, but actually neat.


#6 – Cat 5
What is it with computer rings?  This ethernet ring may be cool if you could actually get ethernet access only when you were together.  That would be quirky.


#5 – The Maya Angelou?
Is this supposed to be an ode to “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”? If it is, that’s not a very warm and cuddly matrimonial moment. Hey, I know why people trapped in marriage whine!


#4 – Nuts and Bolts
While the concept is obvious, it’s the action involved in putting them together that makes it inappropriate.


#3 – Intertwined
The ring looks very cool, but it looks ridiculous when separated and is probably very uncomfortable when they’re not together.


#2 – Heat Activated
Your anniversary date is programmed inside the ring and the concept is that the wedding ring gets hotter the closer that you get to the date.  Just how hot it gets is unknown and to me, this just seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.


And here we are folks!

The winner of the strangest wedding ring award.

#1 – Pokey
I’ve got nothing.  I don’t even know how you would wear this thing.


And that’s it. The 12 strangest wedding rings. Do you have ones to share that I didn’t post here? Post them!