Reality TV Always Ends in Divorce

kate-gosselin-wedding-ringWedding rings aren’t cheap and they signify something a tad more important than just being jewelry.  While Jon Gosselin is off partying with Lindsay Lohan’s father in the Hamptons for some reason, his wife Kate has put her ring back on.  Apparently Kate is trying to keep herself together and her kids heads on straight.  She is the only glue in these kids lives, so why she’s still wearing the ring is a mystery.

On the flip side, LeeAnn Rimes who was caught in a scandalous affair with costar Eddie Cibrian has separated from her husband and has decided to finally take her wedding band off.  As a result, Cibrian’s wife has apparently decided to take a marital break also since the affair was uncovered by the press.

While divorce seems to be the hip new trend in Hollywood, many people have begun to notice that when you invite cameras into your home, divorce is closely behind.  Just ask Jon and Kate (Jon and Kate Plus Eight), Hulk Hogan (Hogan Knows Best), Nick and Jessica (Newlyweds), Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro (Til Death Do Us Part), Britney and Kevin (Chaotic), Travis and Shanna (Meet The Barkers), Whitney and Bobby (Being Bobby Brown), and Danny and Gretchen (Breaking Bonaduce).  There are very few marriages that have withstood the glare of the lights and walked away unscathed.  Hail Snoop!

While Americans have an insatiable appetite for reality television that invades the lives of interesting characters, at what cost is enough too much?  Is it necessary that we see how celebrities live, what they eat, what brand of toilet paper they use, and to see every argument and failure?  Is it to prove to ourselves that they are just like us by watching them fail in various aspects of their lives?  Is it to live vicariously through them by following them on shopping sprees, drinking binges and temper tantrums?  What is the fascination that keeps the ratings skyrocketing and ruining lives and marriages one after the other?  While to some degree TV and movie stars are “asking for it” and give up their privacy to some extent when they sign on for the job, where is the line to be drawn and will we ever be able to draw it?

Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Rumors

Of course, Mr. Christopher at it again with some wedding rumors that I’m seeing floating around on the web this month and here are the most popular.  Well, they sound ridiculous, but some are actually true and some we just have to assume are true because the celebs aren’t denying it.  Well, you decide.  It’s something fun to do instead of wedding planning.

Rumor 1
LeAnn Rimes is Having an Affair with her Northern Lights Co Star

leann-rimes-eddie-cibrian-affair-northern-lights-lifetimeRumors started flying when a restaurant camera caught country singer/actress LeAnn Rimes holding hands and kissing Northern Lights co-star Eddie Cibrian.  Eddie Cibrian quickly (2 days later quickly) denied the rumor saying, “It is a fabricated story that is using random snapshots as connective tissue to create a scandalous relationship”.   Unfortunately, the cover was blown because LeAnn personally posted on her website, “This is a difficult time for me and my loved ones, but I appreciate all your continued support,” she writes. “I would like to assure all of you that this is a place for you to hear things directly from me and as you all know, not everything in our lives is always black and white.”  That is definitely not a “No, it didn’t happen”.   So Cibrian and Rimes will need to get their story straight and go into damage control, but we’re going to say that:

This Rumor is: True. And will just get juicier and juicier.  Unfortunate. But Juicy.  So juicy that we dedicated a blog post to it.

Rumor 2
nick-cannon-mariah-careyNick Cannon is Going Broke Paying for Mariah Carey’s Ring

This rumor started as reports started surfacing that the jeweler that sold Nick Mariah’s wedding ring was not getting the payments remaining on her ring which carries a balance of around $500,000.  MTV broke the report stating that bloggers were spreading the rumor which prompted Nick to defend himself on his own blog against the allegations that Mariah’s rock was financially devastating the actor/comedian.  Nick fired back, “it was this craziness on the oh so credible, BOSSIP about me being broke and being sued by my jeweler! Ridiculous! I just got like 3 new major multi-million dollar deals in the last 2 months. And I ain’t even finish yet… But now I’m broke, okay!”  So basically, even for all of his continued rambling, he never denies that he owes the jeweler money.  It’s the amount that appears to be under denial and apparently, even under Nick’s admission, the rumors are too low.  “First off, I wish my wife’s ring did only cost $500,000, that would have been a deal!“, Nick alleges.  It just seems to me that with as much money as Cannon has made, he should be set for life now, but I guess you continue to live beyond your means.  Silly celebs.

This Rumor is: True. Although details on the actual amount are sketchy.

bruce-willis-emma-hemingbruce-willis-emma-hemingRumor 3
Bruce Willis and model Emma Hemin Are Getting Married
This Week
Well, one thing is for sure. We’ll know the truth to this rumor in less than a week.  What sparked this rumor is that his ex Demi Moore and her hubby Ashton Kutcher flew into the island of Turks & Caicos where Willis has a home.  The rumor is that they are having a private ceremony with only close friends and family.  What further adds fuel to that rumor is the large block of rooms and villas that have been booked by Willis for friends.  The only thing that could possibly derail this rumor is the fact that Bruce’s 54th birthday is also coming up.  But 54 is pretty much a lame number, so that seems overkill for a 54th party.  Maybe a 60 or a 55, but not 54.  We’ll buy into this possibility that this is going down as rumored, but we’ll just say that…

This Rumor is: True. Update! This update comes now AFTER the wedding has already happened.  Ah, don’t you love it when we’re right? They are hitched.

bruce-willis-emma-hemingRumor 4
Chris Brown and Rihanna Will Be Getting Married
chris-brown-rihannaGod help us all if this is true, but we’re sure that it’s not.  Chris Brown’s PR people have been in major damage control mode since the incident with him and Rihanna when photos of Rihanna surfaced from LAPD showing her badly beaten and bruised supposedly at the hands of Chris Brown.  Chris Brown never said that he caused the bruises and contusions, but he definitely never denied it.  Since then the two have been seen at P Diddy’s house jet skiing in Miami and Rihanna is now out and about on the town getting her groove on now that her scars are healed.  As for where this rumor started, we’re going to cry foul on this trashy rumor because first, battered women around the world would go nuts if Rihanna married Chris and she knows it.  Secondly and again, Chris Brown is still in damage control and experiencing atrocious record sales that have dipped to about 10% of what he was originally selling.  People don’t even want to be seen buying his music and for good reason.

This Rumor is: FALSE. No way in Hades is this going to happen within the next 5 years.  Everything is still way too raw and even if they did decide to hitch the wagon, their PR reps would have a conniption fit and it would spell utter doom to their professional careers to the tune of Whitney and Bobby.  Those silly Browns.

bruce-willis-emma-hemingbritney-spears-kevin-federlineRumor 5
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Are Getting Back Together
The rumor came to fruition as Kevin agreed to let their children go on tour with Britney as a result of Britney staying clean thanks to a court order keeping those old manager sleazebags away from her.  She’s looking great, getting back to her old self and appears to be on the right track to recovery.  But during the visitation swaps, sources say that Kevin and Britney have been very flirty and there has even been kissing going on.  An insider says that they never really fell out of love and that Kevin is even gushing to his mother that she’s back to the old Britney that he fell in love with.   That being the case, we’ll have to say that….

This Rumor is: In a “Could Become True” Mode. Let’s face it.  The two lovebirds have children together and the real fallout came from Britney’s drug use and bizarre behavior. Now that that is a thing of the past, there could very well be a reuniting of these two.  Although the press has had a field day with Kevin, he has proven that he is way beyond just a “baby daddy”.


So those are the hottest rumors this month.  Make sure that you subscribe to the RSS feed for the next issue when we put to rest some of the worst of the rumors we’re hearing and give you our guess on what’s true based on what we’ve seen and read when we’re not in the middle of wedding planning or watching the latest episode of Get Married on Lifetime.