Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Now Married

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Wedding Rings - Photo Credit by and TMZMegan Fox and Brian Austin Green rushed off to Hawaii to make it official in a small ceremony of friends and family. This is not a typical Hollywood or L.A. relationship though since the two have been together since 2004 which is like a decade in Tinseltown years.  They dated and stayed together for over 6 years which is very impressive and shockingly normal.  They met on the set of the show Hope and Faith and even years later still look to be blissfully happy together. This is the first marriage for both of them, but Brian has a child with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil.

TMZ just posted photos of the couple finally showing off their wedding rings on a beach excursion (shown here).   There are some Hollywood relationships that seem doomed from the start, but considering that the couple have stayed in a healthy relationship for years before hitching the wagon is a fantastic jumpstart.   All I can say is congratulations. Where the heck are the wedding photos?

Lost Boys Actor Corey Haim Dies at 38

Image from Getty ImagesNot wedding related, I know, but something you probably should know.  Corey Haim, was found dead this morning at his mothers home from an apparent drug overdose.   Haim has been in rehab numerous times already for addiction to cocaine and Valium.  The actor found teen heartthrob status when appearing in the film Lucas with Winona Ryder and Charlie Sheen.  He’s best known for his part as a terrified vampire killer in The Lost Boys with Kiefer Sutherland along with his off-screen long time friend Corey Feldman with whom he starred with in the very short lived TV series The Two Corey’s” which was canceled after only 2 episodes.

Jennifer Aniston’s Bad Rap

jennifer-anistonLet me start off by saying that I love Jennifer Aniston.  She is truly one of the most beautiful women on the planet.  But talk about a woman that has gotten the wrong end of the stick.  If she’s crazy, she hides it very well and with the amount of time this woman is on camera, she would have to do a lot of hiding.  I think what we’re seeing is that her choice in men is based on, heck, I don’t what it’s based on.

I’m sure that I am not alone when I say that I firmly believe without any doubt that Brad Pitt was her soul mate.  Even though Brad and Angelina Jolie had a nice wedding and have been together for years now with enough kids to start a small country, Brad still looks empty and incomplete.  Photos of him just look like he’s struggling to hold on to his sanity and now he’s trapped with a crazy woman.  Every new child they create or purchase has got to make that cash register “ka-ching” sound in his head. A crazy woman holding the threat of alimony and child support payments multiplied by however many kids they have now.   His departure from that relationship would be the end of his career and his wallet.

brad-pitt-save-meSo as for Brad, Jennifer should probably come to the realization that there’s no going back to that playground again, no matter how traumatic it was for her.   He was an idiot and he’s gone.  Jennifer, there’s nothing wrong with you.  You are beautiful and men around the world love you.  Time to move on.  But….

John Mayer, really?  As someone who has actually met John a few times in Georgia at small venues in and about town at shows, it doesn’t fit.  Great musician, but not husband material.  Not yet anyway. He seems to have good intentions, but at the same time he croons about being lonely, he’s doing everything to stay single with no intention of being taken seriously.  Granted you guys look good together and both of you appear to have your guards down when around each other, so that’s good.  But something is missing.

Vince Vaughn?  That could have worked because it’s the same age bracket and you both have the same sense of humor.  But now he’s moved on to some Canadian real estate agent to settle down.  The same thing you wanted from him, but at the time he couldn’t give you.  Guess that was just bad timing.  Which brings us to the current rumor mill.

jennifer-aniston-gerard-butlerJennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.   I think this may actually work.  The couple is keeping the rumors on the down low, but that may really work.  About the same age bracket, tempers seem about the same, both good looking, and successful.  Yeah, I think that may work.  But here’s the deal.  I’m going to call it and if it DOES work, I want to be invited to the wedding as “that blogger that called it”.   Plus I want to give Jennifer a big celebratory hug.

That’s what the big problem is for me. Jennifer is a smart and beautiful woman who is just getting mixed up with the wrong guys.  I think it’s mostly because of her choosing actors and industry guys.  Maybe Vince has it right to make plans on getting married with a woman that has nothing to do with Hollywood.  It helps you get grounded and have one foot in reality.

The Bradley Cooper thing could have worked also (if it were true). The only thing that’s apparently getting in the way is Jennifer’s force field.  Her guard is up and she has no desire to get hurt again.  The tabloids push her as the jilted lover over and over and with someone different every quarter.   And it’s all unfortunately true for the most part.  You can see it in her eyes.  The look that says, “I kind of like this guy.  He’s nice to me, but I know he’s going to do something stupid and I’m going to get screwed again in front of millions of people.”  Can you blame her?

jennifer_anistonAgain, I’ve always loved Jennifer and she has always been my dream woman and the total package.  It kills me to see her getting involved with these guys that apparently have severe mental issues. Why would any man walk away from Jennifer Aniston?  For those of you that say, “Maybe it’s her.”, you can all die a slow death.  It’s not her.  No I’ve never met her, but it’s not her.  It just can’t be.

As one of many men who support you Jen, we always wish you the best and hope that you really find that right guy that appreciates you.  He’s out there somewhere.  Well, there’s me, but I’m already married with kids.   I would definitely be perfect for you.  My wife would be really ticked though.  I just want to come to the wedding and give you support.   So I’ll be looking for my invitation to watch you be happy.  And also to give myself closure. ; )

Vince Vaughn To Get Married

Say it ain’t so.  One thing us married guys have had is the ability to live vicariously through Vince Vaughn.  He’s a man’s man.  A hot dog munching, beer drinking, football watchin’ man’s man.  We’ve watched as he dated women that have haunted our psyche and smiled knowing that he was part of our secret team.  Apparently, no more.

vince-vaughn-kyla-weberVince Vaughn is planning on getting married to a Canadian real estate agent named Kyla Weber.  He proposed on Valentines Day, so he kept it under wraps pretty well.  Vaughn joked that she’s using him for a green card. But when did all of this happen?  Wasn’t he just dating Jennifer not even a year ago?

But it does beg to question about what happened between him and Jennifer Aniston. Some say that they only hooked up to push the movie they were in together and that it was all a set up.  But this one is obviously real, although in every interview, it moves to the topic of his new movie Couples Retreat and never continues to talk about the relationship between him and Kyla. Another setup?

Needless to say that we can’t seem to find any info on when the wedding is planned, or any details at all for that matter. She’s very pretty and unfettered by Hollywood (for now) and they like shopping.  Oh well, at least we still have  George Clooney whose acting chops are actually pretty brilliant (O Brother Where Art Thou), good looking guy, dates beautiful women that wouldn’t grant guys like us a second glance.  So, ok, we’ll live through Clooney now.  Oh yeah, there’s also Matthew McConaughey, but his acting is painful to watch.  Big box office draw though.  Nah, we’d rather have George as our wingman.

God bless you George Clooney.

Renee Zellweger Officially Engaged

renee-zellweger-bradley-cooperRenee Zellweger, 40 and Bradley Cooper 34 have been spotted in several occasions (outside of the United States) spending quality time together in various locales including Barcelona, Spain recently.  The couple who are appearing together in a horror movie called Case 39 have been doing everything to cover up their romance and keep it private, but reports from Glamorati indicate that Bradley took Renee up to his hometown in Pennsylvania to introduce her to his parents and that the engagement is very real.

Zellweger was also seen wearing an engagement ring, but managed to take it off when she appeared on Late Night with David Letterman on August 20th.  As for picking out any wedding dresses, the couple still isn’t talking even though a source close to the couple indicates that it’s indeed true.

This will be Renee’s second marriage.  She was married to country music star Kenny Chesney from May to December of 2005.  He also had the “under one year” marriage to actress Jennifer Esposito from December of 2006 to April 2007 and was officially divorced as of November of 2007.

Reality TV Always Ends in Divorce

kate-gosselin-wedding-ringWedding rings aren’t cheap and they signify something a tad more important than just being jewelry.  While Jon Gosselin is off partying with Lindsay Lohan’s father in the Hamptons for some reason, his wife Kate has put her ring back on.  Apparently Kate is trying to keep herself together and her kids heads on straight.  She is the only glue in these kids lives, so why she’s still wearing the ring is a mystery.

On the flip side, LeeAnn Rimes who was caught in a scandalous affair with costar Eddie Cibrian has separated from her husband and has decided to finally take her wedding band off.  As a result, Cibrian’s wife has apparently decided to take a marital break also since the affair was uncovered by the press.

While divorce seems to be the hip new trend in Hollywood, many people have begun to notice that when you invite cameras into your home, divorce is closely behind.  Just ask Jon and Kate (Jon and Kate Plus Eight), Hulk Hogan (Hogan Knows Best), Nick and Jessica (Newlyweds), Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro (Til Death Do Us Part), Britney and Kevin (Chaotic), Travis and Shanna (Meet The Barkers), Whitney and Bobby (Being Bobby Brown), and Danny and Gretchen (Breaking Bonaduce).  There are very few marriages that have withstood the glare of the lights and walked away unscathed.  Hail Snoop!

While Americans have an insatiable appetite for reality television that invades the lives of interesting characters, at what cost is enough too much?  Is it necessary that we see how celebrities live, what they eat, what brand of toilet paper they use, and to see every argument and failure?  Is it to prove to ourselves that they are just like us by watching them fail in various aspects of their lives?  Is it to live vicariously through them by following them on shopping sprees, drinking binges and temper tantrums?  What is the fascination that keeps the ratings skyrocketing and ruining lives and marriages one after the other?  While to some degree TV and movie stars are “asking for it” and give up their privacy to some extent when they sign on for the job, where is the line to be drawn and will we ever be able to draw it?