Top 20 Funniest Divorce Cakes

Well, I’ve done ugliest wedding cakes, worst wedding photos, sluttiest wedding dresses and many more that everyone loves. But I totally missed the boat until the wonderful ladies at Weddings Are a Girl’s Best Friend showed a couple examples of Divorce Cakes.  I didn’t even know these existed and yet here they are in all of their hilarity. So I went online and found my 20 favorites and here they are..

The Top 20 Divorce Cakes

#20 – Free At Last
Nothing crazy unusual like the other cakes on this list but considering what must have gone into the ball and chain here, I’d be interested in knowing whether that’s a big hunk of frosting or if it’s cake. And if it’s cake, how did they get it round like that? Or is something more sinister…

#19 – Dumbass.
This one makes me giggle. I can totally see this woman in the process of making this cake. “FLOUR!  SUGAR! EGG! BLOOD!”

Picture obtained from

#18 – Work For Food
I’m sure we’ll see more of these in the list, but the “She’s taking half of everything I own” theme is definitely going to crop up here and there.

Found via Google Images at

#17 – Have a Beer
This one wasn’t as inventive as the others, but it’s the best you can expect a guy to do with that photo rice paper and it’s chuckle worthy.

Found via Google Images at

#16 – The Split
This was kind of strange to see that someone went to the trouble to create a nice looking wedding cake and then split it. It makes it one of the more depressing cakes on the list. It almost looks like the wedding was called off and the cake was altered this way which adds some ominous factor to it.

Found via Google Images at

#15 – Headless Groom
This was a different spin that shows the bride’s true feelings, but still remaining calm in its adversity. I, the, he, and then. Ok. I give up. Morbid.

Found via Google Images at

14 – Just Plain Murder
Ok, so one theme you will see with these cakes is women causing harm to men and not the other way around. Keeps the theme strongly and smartly and viciously and gruesomely and funnily-ier.

Found via Google images at

#13 – Showdown
This photo has been seen everywhere on the web and is very popular. I like the concept and that no one is the winner here.  Yet. But the shotgun definitely has more radial damage, so he’s got the advantage here of walking away unless she’s a really good shot. She’ll be in many pieces when all is said and done unless she gets her shot off first. hmm. too much thinking…

Source unknown, but this was found via Google Images at

#12 – Bride From hell
This could actually be a wedding cake, but the story behind it supposedly is that she’s the bride from hell and this cake shows off her various level of flaming evil. It’s pretty funny as the groom looks like he’s sinking into tar or lava. I like it because it’s chocolate. mmmm,

Found via Google Images at

#11 – Sucker
Another head scratcher. “So long sucker” could mean a lot of things. Sucker means that the other person was tricked by something, so this cake almost gives it that raw, ‘This whole thing was planned and I don’t have to work anymore because of your stupidity” spin that just leaves me reeling. And since divorce is all about cold and heartless vengeance, then rock on! It’s not here because of inventiveness but because of the sheer cold draft it creates.

Source unknown, found via Google Images but link was broken

Yes folks, it’s the top 10 funniest divorce cakes. Proceed.

#10 – Queen of the Hill
I’m seeing a lot of cakes with this Queen of the Hill theme. I like this one’s added touch of his possessions along the side of the cake.

Found via Google Images at

# 9 – Kicked to the Curb
This is one of the few that shows the groom kicking the bride to the curb.  I like that they applied the kicking to an entire cake layer.

Found via Google Images at

#8 – I Get Half
This one takes the “she gets half of everything” to the next level showing the true end result of most divorces.

Found via Google Images at

#7 – Take Out the Garbage
I love the effect of the sheet pulled up on the side.  But the detail that went into the garbage is pretty funny. Especially the rat.

Found via Google Images at

#6 – Broken Heart
This one had me scratching my head also. It almost looks like a glacier that’s breaking off in pieces, but the head scratching part is that both of them are talking on their cell phones. Are they breaking up via phone or have they divorced and are now calling someone else? Hmmm. The curious nature is what got it to this list.

Found via Google Images at,0,7402416.photogallery

#5 – Another Level
This one took the whole bride and bloody groom thing to an entire new level.  Complete with multiple broken hearts.

Found via Google Images at

#4 – Fertilizer
This bride not only kills the groom but also buries him in fertilizer. Or that’s probably showing that he now IS the fertilizer.

Found via Google Images at

#3 – Hot tub and happy
That’s right. Forget about the bad parts of a divorce. Think about the impending benefits of being single.  But it’s funny that you actually think you’re going to keep the hot tub in the settlement. Still funny. Enjoy the cake. Oh. And is that carpet on the cake?

Found via Google Images at

#2 – The Ring Casket
Let me just go on record to say that this was the stiffest competition for the #1 slot ever because between this cake and the number one cake below, it’s both inventive and funny and it strays away from the typical, “I hate you and wish to disembowel you on a cake” approach. Just know that both this cake and the one below are #1 in my book. Love them both. The use of the ring box as part of a casket is ingenious.

Found via Google Images at

And here we are folks!

The winner of the best divorce cake award.

#1 – Marriage License
This cake was made by CakeLady2007 (according to the URL) and the amount of work that went into writing all of this out puts it up there on the list. Even trying to envision this before making it must have been a bear. It’s so well done that it almost doesn’t even look like a cake. Congrats. You nailed it.

Found via Google Images at

And there you have it. The top 20 funniest divorce cakes that I could find. All photos were obtained from Google Images and a lot of digging. You can see the URL’s I got them from in the ALT tags of each photo. Do you have ones to share that I didn’t post here? Post them!

Top 20 Most Ugly Wedding Cakes

WARNING: Please be aware that this is done very tongue in cheek. Not everyone will think these cakes are ugly. Remember that we’re talking about cakes in contrast to a typical white tiered wedding cake. Stop getting so angry!

People will spend a fortune on their weddings and especially their wedding cakes in order to create a cake that will be remembered forever. And some will be simply be remembered as one of..

The 20 Most Ugly Wedding Cakes

#20 – The Roller Coaster Wedding Cake
So I’m not sure if this qualifies as “ugly” or not, because it’s definitely inventive, but for a wedding?  But it starts the countdown because it teeters on the fence of ugly.


#19 – Sandy Beaches
This cake is obviously designed to have a beach theme and we guess that’s supposed to be sand and a phallic symbol on the back side. Whoops, no. That’s a castle. My fault.

#18 – The Cake of Many Designs

So when you simply can’t make up your mind and have no concern about people’s sensibilities, you end up making something like this.  Going to guess this wedding was in October.


#17 – Gay Wedding Cake
This wedding cake is the main reason why all states haven’t implemented gay marriage rights.  They are deathly afraid there will be more cakes made like this. Actually, not a bad looking cake considering, well, considering.


#16 -Halloween Wedding Cake
Yes, I get it.  They either got married on Halloween, really like Halloween or are a “goth” couple.  That doesn’t make this a pretty cake.


#15 -Bling Bling

Thass riiight, beeyatch.  Blang blang next to the chicken wangs.  I’ll be taking my wedding gifts back now because you obviously don’t need it.


#14 -Just Groovy Cake

So like, yeah man.  Me and the old lady were like baking your matrimonial tower of love when we thought, this would be so much easier if we just got baked right along with the cake.


#13 – The Video Game Cake

I don’t have any punch lines for this.


#12 -Tetris wedding cake

You can’t go back to the 80’s so we’re going to bring them to you with this Tetris wedding cake. Nothing says “love” like falling blocks in various geometric shapes that fit neatly into one another when you turn them and, well, um, I want a corner piece!


#11 -The Cupcake Cake
The new trend is making wedding cakes with cupcakes in various colors and even if it’s done right, it looks ridiculous.  This unfortunately was done right and this is the best that you can expect a cake to look when it’s made by Little Debbie.  And it still made the ugly cake list.


Yes folks, it’s the top 10.  The worst of the worst. Proceed.

#10 – The Weed Cake

Marketing gone bad. It had floral, well, not floral, but greenery, well it wasn’t green.  It’s an eco-cake! Is that mold or did a peacock boa explode nearby?


# 9 – The Bride Cake
This was made to look just like the bride and is very disturbing.  I’ll have a breast please.  NO, no. I mean a thigh!  Oh boy, ok, just give me a slice of her weave.


#8 -Chocolate Dipped Something-er-Uther
What if we took a bunch of chocolate dipped pastry and fruit and just stacked them on top of each other really high? – (an hour later) –  Ok, well this isn’t what I envisioned, but we can’t turn back now…


#7 – Pink & Green Disaster
Just frigging wow.  What the heck is this supposed to be anyway? Is that Jello?


#6 – Cake and Fruit Explosion
This looks like it was dropped in the parking lot, picked up in handfuls and then there was an attempt to sort it all out.  It’s um, fruit because I see banana and then some chocolate and, um, screw it, Eat up!


#5 – The Centerpiece
The true story behind this is that the bride reportedly thought this was a centerpiece until a kid stuck his finger in it.  The story is that it was dropped and the layers collapsed and this was a very bad attempt to fix the problem.


#4 – Til Death Do Us Part Cake
Not sure if this is meant to be a “forever and always” theme or a warning to those that eat it.  How exactly do you get that color?


#3 – The Strawberry Prison
Even though it’s ugly, I’d probably still eat it.  It just looks like the strawberries are doing time for being fruity.  I just can’t come up with anything better.


#2 – The Sushi Cake
It’s just not right on so many levels.  Fish and cake? It’s an assault on the senses and causes me emotional trauma.


And here we are folks!

The winner of the ugliest wedding cake award.

#1 – Camo Cake

This one is worthy of the number one slot simply because it is not only hideous, but frightening.  Ladies and gentlemen, the worst wedding cake in the history of wedding cakes.


And there you have it.  The 20 worst wedding cakes I’ve ever seen.  Some are designed to be ugly by request of the bride and groom and they should be held responsible for these atrocities.  Maybe the bridesmaid gifts will be nice enough to draw attention away from these hideous sweets.