2 Bride Magazines Shut Their Doors

elegant-brideCondé Nast, a major magazine publisher has decided to permanently shut the doors of four of their magazines including Gourmet magazine, parenting magazine Cookie, and 2 bridal magazines Modern Bride and Elegant Bride. The unfortunate demise of printed media has sunk its talons into newspapers around the country and now taking many magazines into the abyss with them.

In an almost bizarre coincidence, wedding website Get Married launches their premiere issue of their wedding magazine Get Married.  With what some may see as a bold move to enter into a crumbling industry, Get Married took many tremendous strides to insure that the magazine vaulted onto the scene with sure footing.


They set up a solid foundation starting with naming Stephanie Davis Executive Editor of the new publication who has written for GQ, Self, Brides and the now foiled Gourmet magazine which had been on news stands since 1941.

Then to solidify the positioning, Get Married entered into the technology arena by being the first bridal publication to incorporate Microsoft tags into its magazine so that readers can take a photo of the tag and watch more in depth content on products and other items of interest right on their camera phones.

wedding-magazineRegardless of how you view Get Married’s risky venture into the territory, the overall plan was very well executed and very timely in order to pick up the scattered brides left by Condé Nast’s unfortunate decision to shut its doors on 4 of its more prestigious titles.

Brides are even being offered a free issue of the new wedding magazine at http://www.getmarried.com/magazine to take it out for a trial run.

Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2010

Engaged over Valentine’s Day and getting ready to set your date and start the wedding planning? As you begin to plan you 2010 nuptials keep in mind these top trends you’ll see next spring. Buttercream, organic green, backyard weddings – all great ideas to help get you down the aisle.

1. Back to Basics
Events will focus on the attention to the details, the foundation of the event, not the drama or grandeur of the evening. Consider spending more on the lasting memories than the showmanship of the event. Spend a bit more than the average budget allotment on photography mediums rather than abundant floral. Or consider a bit of a longer stay on your honeymoon and a little less of a party at the reception and you’ll be grateful for your decision in the end.

2. Home Weddings Hit Home
Intimate and personal affairs in the backyard are bigger than ever. Going home incorporates the continued trend of personalizing the wedding day experience. Smaller size guest lists, more intimate settings, grass roots weddings, elegant and detail driven, but in no way small on what counts.

3. Buttercream on the Big Day
Fondant is falling behind, buttercream corners the market. Tools and techniques now allow for buttercream to look as smooth as fondant when applied by a skilled artist. You have the option of better flavor, more natural ingredients, and less costly cakes that no longer suffer or lack in design.

wedding-favor-flower-bookmark4. Favor Comeback
Personalized appreciation is back. The effect that an event has on the guests is more noticeable than ever before so the importance of wedding favors is felt more than ever. Be sure to appreciate to those in attendance – it’s not just an afterthought, omission, or generic item. Think local artisans, locally grown products, personal mementos, and on-the-spot print outs.

5. Nearby Destinations
Nearby destination weddings are taking flight over the exotic and far off locales. The ever popular destination wedding will remain but guests will get out of town by car (within driving distance) so couples can create a weekend, guests get an escape, but no one breaks the bank. Enjoying the US destination locations, spend within your own local economies, create a greener effect, experience undiscovered backyards, and stay sensible about cost while you’re at away.

6. Colors
Monochromatic palettes – this doesn’t mean muted colors, just single color bunches. Vibrant Colors: Orange, green, yellow, and pink. Metal Colors: Gold, silver, copper, and pewter. And black is definitely the new black. Break the rules and show off the darker side of your event.

7. Greener Conscience
Emerging will be the newest phase of eco-conscience: A better understanding of the gray shades of green. You will see more emphasis on the smaller changes that are less recognizable to the guest (i.e. cleaning green, composting, solar and LED lighting, no more oasis in floral arrangements, less catering waste). It’s no longer about making the event appear “organic” – it’s about understanding how things are made, disposed of, and where/when events take place. Learning to make better choices that are unseen by the guest are just as important as those tree-free invitations everyone is talking about.

wedding-videos8. Video Integration into Events
We’ve all seen the photo montages of your childhoods during dinner but the next phase in video at your event comes in several different forms. Video DJ’s are emerging, allowing your dance party to dance to the visuals of the music videos; ceremonies are being broadcast on screens for better viewing from the back; and time lapse photography is being shot and integrated into video for current day montages of you and your fiancé. Love to party? Set up crane camera and project the event as it unfolds on screens around the dance floor (budget permitting of course).

9. HD Video
Videographers have already gone hi-def. But next year all or most will make such a transition, making HD and even Blu Ray the norm in wedding videography. Upgrade now and appreciate the quality later. This also means smaller cameras on site and less intrusion into your event, all around a better (though more costly) option on the big day.

10. Visual Combinations
Professional grade still photo cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR are being released with HD video capabilities included. It is recommended to have both a videographer and a photographer at your wedding to capture every moment of the big day. Tech-savvy brides looking for a new experience, may like to experiment with a visual professional (videographer or photographer) who has this technology. In the future, you will begin to see an emergence of two-in-one companies.

5 Spring Wedding Ideas from Colin Cowie

spring-weddingSpring is the start of the wedding season, and a time when brides have additional options for every element of their celebration. From an abundance of flowers and fresh, seasonal foods, to moving the wedding outside and shortening the hemline, brides’ options spring into high gear with the bright colors, smells, tastes and fashions of the season. Get Married unveils the latest spring wedding trends that exemplify an organic blending of styles and exude creativity, good taste and the true sense of the season.

For brides seeking the latest trends for their spring wedding, Get Married’s show on Lifetime Television and http://www.GetMarried.com provide unique wedding ideas from the industry’s leading wedding experts who offer season-specific advice, ideas and inspirations that fit any budget and personal style.

Get Married teamed with Colin Cowie of Colin Cowie Lifestyle, internationally known as the arbiter of style, to offer the latest wedding trends to the springtime bride. “Spring is a thrilling time of the year – it represents growth and new beginnings – a perfect metaphor for a wedding,” said Colin, lifestyle expert, celebrity wedding designer and host of Get Married on Lifetime Television and http://www.GetMarried.com. “The gift of a spring wedding is that it gives everyone a chance to revel in nature.”

Colin Cowie and Get Married offer 5 Spring Wedding Trends for the Fashionable Bride who wants to merge personal and seasonal styles while capturing the essence of spring in her wedding.

colin-cowie-wedding-table-d1. Extract electric colors from nature: Lift colors straight from spring leaves, flowers and shoots of grass, and bring them to the reception tables and the bridal dresses. Grass green, canary yellow and chaparelli pinks, accented with gold or pewter, are exciting and fresh.

2. Fuse youthful flavors in a sophisticated spirit: Capture the popping colors of spring by serving lollipops at a candy station, popcorn at valet, or other tasty treats to satisfy your palette.

3. Combine deep colors with lighter papers: Keep wedding invitations, table cards and programs fresh with light papers like tissue and vellum. Incorporate spring colors like white ink on rich green paper or shocking pink ink on lime green paper. Reverse the formula with green inks on white paper.

4. Shorten the hemlines and heighten the style: Stand out from the crowd but blend with the event intention by wearing a shorter dress with an eye-catching pair of heels. Create a chic retro look with a short birdcage wedding veil and a set of short gloves.

5. Create an at-home atmosphere with backyard elegance: Create a quality backyard wedding that is intimate and organic with your garden being the aesthetic to inspire your décor. Spring weather is unpredictable so have heaters and a back-up plan of moving inside or under a gorgeous canopy.

“Springtime embodies a unique charm and is a theme in itself when it comes to weddings and celebrations,” said Stacie Francombe, CEO and founder of Get Married and http://www.GetMarried.com. “The possibility of a spring wedding is endless, and Get Married offers brides all the latest seasonal trends and styles for brides on any budget.” About Get Married Get Married is the only multi-channeled wedding planning resource with platforms online (www.GetMarried.com) and on television every weekday that connects local and national wedding professionals and industry experts with brides through entertainment and news.

Calling All Wedding Fairies!

Jo Gartin, the Los Angeles-based celebrity wedding designer who’s known for her anything-but-over-the-top, simply charming weddings, has this advice for brides coping with not-so-cooperative flower girls–“fairy dust”. Actually a small bottle of glitter, Jo’s found that the power of suggestion, and a liberal dusting of the sparkly stuff, is all it takes to turn cranky little girls into small angels.

“The fairy dust is a crowd pleaser and, if you sprinkle a little bit of ‘dust’ on them, they tend to be a little bit more compliant so I always carry that in my bride emergency kit.” It’s those small but fabulous touches that have made Jo a much sought after wedding designer in a city known more for weddings with big budgets rather than beautiful moments. So what’s her favorite way to make a little flower girl look her best as well as behave her best? “I love butterflies. Things like that make me smile. I’ve put them in flower girls’ hair and glued them to their ballet slippers.” We think that’s an idea that would bring smiles to everyone.

For more of Jo’s great wedding tips and inspirations, check out her book Jo Gartins’ Weddings, published by Rodale Inc., available at amazon.com.

7 Tips for the Budget Minded Bride

budget-weddings1The economy got you down?  Or perhaps got your guest count is what’s down?  Your wedding is still one of the most important days of your life, regardless of market status.  So how do you have that fairytale ending but do it on a budget?  Get Married’s host Colin Cowie shares with us some insider trading secrets to creating an extraordinary and cost-conscience event to make your wedding planning a lot easier.

1. Dream big
Small ideas get small results, so put budget aside while envisioning your dream wedding, then figure out what you can afford.

2. Cut your coat according to the cloth

It’s better to do 5 things correctly than 10 things on the skinny.

3. Consider a destination wedding
Weddings can take place anywhere, so think beyond the exotic beach and think about a bed-and-breakfast or country inn.

wedding-dj4. Opt for a fantastic DJ
Instead of a big orchestra band, find a great DJ who can create great background music and just as easily keep the guests moving on the dance floor.

5. Invest in a trusted wedding planner
A professional is there to ease some of the pressure while bringing your vision to a reality.

6. Design a signature drink
Rather than serving an open bar, offer guests a specialty beverage that is as delicious as it is memorable.

7. Create monochromatic flower arrangements using one type of flower
When bundled en masse in short ceramic vases, whether roses or carnations, tulips of spider mums; these flowers are beautiful and impactful

Spring Flowers for Your Spring Wedding

spring-wedding-flowersSpring weddings brightly shine with spring blossoms.  The season represents rebirth and new growth, so your flowers should equally reflect this blossoming time. Since spring is a season that goes hand-in-hand with fresh, beautiful flowers, make the most of what will be growing at this time.  By selecting flowers that are in season, not only are you saving money, but it is also the greener choice to support local and seasonal agriculture, and in the end, you often have a much bigger selection to choose from (that isn’t so cost prohibitive).  So what should you be shopping for?  Take a look at some fabulous flowers for your wedding:

wedding-flowers-tulipOne spring favorite is the tulip, which comes in over 400 varieties and colors in spring (but sorry, no blue).  Sweet peas are also a great option and are plentiful, a great bargain for the budget bride, and their light and sweet scent makes for a mild wedding perfume.  Another option is lily of the valley, which is great for an accent or even possibly as a part of a larger arrangement or bouquet (beware as they are delicate flowers).  These small flowers have a distinctive fragrance that many love, and can also be used in boutonnieres.  Or consider daisies and bright yellow daffodils, which are quintessential spring and can be a sweet touch in a flower girls hair or on table arrangements.

wedding-flowers-calla_liliesMulti-colored calla lilies are amazing in this season and are a popular choice – so make the most of them when the price is right.  Roses are also plentiful during most seasons, spring being no exception and since they are the true, classic wedding flower, you can’t go wrong.  Bulbs are very significant to spring wedding themes, and flowers like crocuses, hyacinths, orchids, iris and ranunculus are all great choices too.  If you’re a bit more adventurous, blossoms like ones from apple or cherry trees are a delicate sign of the advent of spring, and full branches can be used as dramatic centerpieces that they anchor within.

Been waiting all year to wed when peonies are readily available?  Then you’re in luck, peonies are plentiful this time of year.  A classic flower, they have a vintage flair and looks amazing as a center focus of wedding design or as an accent flower.  They can be in bud or fully open or a mixture of both, just make sure to specify to your florist since they have such a variety of looks.

wedding-flowers-flower-ballSo once you have your fauna selected, how will it be designed?  Floral balls, whether hanging or as table adornments are a fun and seasonal option that can be an extension of the polka dot wedding decor you may be considering.  Spring is a more casual laid-back season, so unstructured floral arrangements are a natural choice, as well as very simple designs like a few stems in a basic vase on tables or containers with spring moss and a few blooms.   Think organic, picked out of a garden, fresh and full of life.

As for the bride, nothing is more fitting than a wildflower bouquet filled with colorful local finds.  You can also choose an all-green arrangement, or one bursting with big blooms in either bright colors or pale naturals, as both are great for spring.  Hair wreaths made of seasonal florals are another option to consider.  Simple earthy nosegays are a nice choice for your bridal party, or maybe a more basic design like a few colored Gerber daisies held in the hand as they walk down the aisle.  Whatever you opt for, make it look effortless.

Spring is a great time to use the local bounty that nature has provided to help celebrate your day and represents the new growth that you and your fiance are about to embark on.  Pay homage to that tradition in the flowers you carry on your very special day. And be sure to cut some corners by visiting Get Married for the ultimate wedding planning website.